Planning to get a home alarm system but you are just not sure what to expect price-wise?

Procompare has been tracking trends in home alarm system prices in years and here is the latest home alarm system cost guide for year 2021.

What is cost data based on? Cost data is based on actual project costs as reported by our Pros and on cost data retrieved from various specialized publications and websites, governmental reports, occupational associations or guilds, and related websites in South Africa.

Basic alarm system
Average cost R4000
Cost range R3000R5000

This is the price for a starter alarm system, without monitoring. The final cost will depend on the chosen equipment and extent of the installation. Installation is normally included. The average cost of installation is R2 000, ranging from R1 000 to R3 000. Home security systems, even the most basic ones, bring you a peace of mind. If needed, you can extend the system later on, adding CCTV, remote monitoring services, etc. For a basic alarm system, expect to pay between R3000 and R5000.

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Advanced alarm system
Average cost R8000
Cost range R6000R10,000

This is the price for a professionally monitored alarm system. The final cost will depend on the alarm system itself – i.e. on the brand and functions of the alarm and any special add-ons – and the scope of the alarm monitoring service. The industry standard is a 24-month contract, but different companies are offering different deals, from monthly to annual contracts. When comparing deals, be sure to compare apples to apples. For an advanced alarm system, expect to pay between R6000 and R10,000.

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Alarm installation fee
Average cost R2000
Cost range R1500R2500

This is the price you will pay for an alarm system installation. The final cost will depend on the extent of the installation. In case of purchase, alarm systems usually come in a package, together with full installation and 24-month service agreement. Wired systems require professional installation. This ensures safe installation of all electrical components and guarantees longevity of equipment. The average cost of alarm installation fee is R2000, or typically between R1500 and R2500.

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Monthly alarm service
Average cost R350 / month
Cost range R200R500 / month

This is the cost of monthly armed response alarm monitoring service. The majority of companies offer a free alarm link over from your existing security company. It is advisable to regularly check providers and switch in case of price hikes. The average cost of monthly alarm service is R350 / month, or typically between R200 / month and R500 / month.

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Recent jobs for home alarm systems

Security system installation, Alarm systems - St Francis Bay
St Francis Bay
City or suburb: St Francis Bay
Which security system do you need?: Alarm system
When do you need this service?: Within a month or later
Good morning, I would like a quotation please to have an alarm system installed. Requirements: 3 eye sensors, (1 in the bedroom, 1 in the lounge / diningroom and 1 in the garage) I panic button in the bedroom I would also like you to quote on monitoring the property. I will be moving to St Francis on the 19th January, so would like the system installed by then.
Security system installation, Security camera - Empangeni
City or suburb: Empangeni
Which security system do you need?: CCTV cameras/beams
When do you need this service?: As soon as possible
Would you please send me the following cctv quotation as soon as possible. 1* 16 channel turbo dvr hikvision. 1* 19 way power supply 1* 52'' monitor 1* 10m HDMI cable 4* 40m billet cameras hikvision 4* cctv waterproof boxes 8* 20m bullet cameras hikvision 1* RG 59 cable m 8* cctv waterproof boxes 1* 2TB hard drive
Security system installation, Alarm systems - Ermelo
City or suburb: Ermelo
Which security system do you need?: CCTV cameras/beams
When do you need this service?: Within a fortnight
Which system can you suggest to install regarding; a. Window entry security. b. Outside beam security. c. Camera security. We do have a Alarm system. (5 eye, battery powered) We have a 4 bedroom, 1x lounge,, 1x lounge/dining room, kitchen, house (Double garages) The house have 5 door entrances. Front entrance door, Side door, side door, Rear door entrance & garage entrance
Security system installation, Alarm systems - Bloemfontein
City or suburb: Bloemfontein
Which security system do you need?: Access control
When do you need this service?: As soon as possible
12 X dual control security unit with 12 units each unit to have 1keyed alike safe lock and standard safe lock Door leaf thickness 10mm( anti-drilling protection, 2 keys-locking bolts on 3 sides, concealing hinges door opens 90A, door opening X m Shelves: 1 shelf Labour to remove old safes Labour to fit 2 security units to wall Venue: DESTEA, st andrew street, Bloemfontein
Security system installation, Klerksdorp - Home security systems
City or suburb: Klerksdorp
Which security system do you need?: CCTV cameras/beams, Alarm system, Access control, Electric fencing
When do you need this service?: Within a month or later
I also need intercom, PTT, in the radio room to be able to view, talk and open for the persons in the pedestrian gate and motor vehicles. The alarm should have the panic button which when a member is under attack could alarm the nearest station of about 30km or more. More than that I need a system CCTV system of more than 10 cameras for outer parameters. The beams ticked in your security system should be the outer beam which could be used to sense a person only not flies or any other object or pets that could give a fault alarms