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African i. , 1 years ago

We are using Isizwe Chartered Accountants and are really happy with them!

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Danie Sauer Inc

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Services: tax accountant, bookkeeper, accountants, accounting services, business accounting, tax consultant, accounting firms, bookkeeping, bookkeeping services, financial accounting, audit.

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Services: financial accounting, bookkeeper, bookkeeping services, bookkeeping, accountants, tax consultant, business accounting, audit, accounting firms, tax accountant, accounting services.

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Reirits CC

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Human Accountants

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Services: accountants, bookkeeper, accounting services, audit, bookkeeping, business accounting, financial accounting, tax accountant, bookkeeping services, tax consultant, accounting firms.

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Services: bookkeeping, financial accounting, audit, business accounting, accounting services, tax consultant, bookkeeping services, accounting firms, bookkeeper, tax accountant, accountants.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Why should I hire an auditor if I already have an accountant?

    Having an auditor as well as an accountant minimizes risk for errors. If your bookkeeping has not been up to date or in order, an auditor can make significant contributions in uncovering those details.

  • What does an auditor do?

    Auditors help to provide the capital markets with confidence and assurance in financial reporting. Auditors perform independent evaluations to provide assurance that information, such as the financial statements, present a true and fair view of a company’s financial performance and position. They examine the financial statements prepared by accountants and ensure they represent the company's financial position accurately.

  • What are financial audits and what are compliance audits?

    Financial audits determine whether an organization’s financial statements accurately represent the results of the business’s financial operations. It makes sure that the organization’s financial position is in accordance with the generally accepted accounting principles. Compliance audits check if the company has functioned in accordance with the laws and regulations that may materially impact the financial statements.