FAQ (Requests)

Is submitting a request for quotation on procompare.co.za free of charge? Yes. Our service is completely free for all users who submit a request for quotation on procompare.co.za.
I submitted a request on procompare.co.za. What can I expect now? Based on your answers, we will match your request with up to 6 most suitable Pros. They will contact you and send you their quotes. Sometimes our Pros are not available, so our system will recommend you a few other local professionals. Again, these are all Pros that closely match your request. Please, feel free to contact them yourself. Compare the quotes and select the best one. You arrange directly with the Pro to carry out the job. Later we'll ask you to rate the Pro.
Where are your Pros from? We have Pros from all over South Africa. We will connect you with the professionals who offer services in your region, i.e. they have defined when registering that they cover your area.
Am I obliged to select one of the Pros you suggested? No, not at all. You are not obliged to hire or opt for any of the pros who submitted a quote for your request through our system. But we are sure our Pros will convince you with their quotes, positive reviews, and service.
How do I know if your Pros are trustworthy? Every Pro goes through our manual screening process where we check their company data and background, customer reviews and references. In some cases, we also ask for a copy of ID and a bank letter.
How can I be sure the ratings published on procompare.co.za are real? Pros can only be rated by procompare.co.za users, i.e. those who have submitted a request on our website. We always publish all ratings (both good and bad), as one of the purposes of our service is to offer an unbiased user opinion. We regularly exclude professionals with bad ratings from our platform, and recommend only those with the best ratings.
Why do you need my name and contact details? Will they be published anywhere? No. We take privacy protection very seriously. We will only use your phone or WhatsApp number if we need any further information about your request. For quotation purposes, it is send to a maximum of 6 selected professionals, of which you are also notified, and is not shared with third parties or made public.
I have not submitted my request. Why are you contacting me? In order to offer you the best service and user experience, the data in the form is stored on the fly. If you don't finish your request on procompare.co.za, we'll remind you of the unfinished request and offer you the opportunity to complete it. We never share your data without your consent. We keep it for 8 days, after which - if you do not need the service - we delete it.
I would like to cancel or change my request for quote. How? If your request has already been sent to the Pros, we advice you to contact them directly and inform them about the change or cancellation of the project.
None of the Pros contacted me. What to do?Our Pros can be very busy due to the high demand and unfortunately some of the requests get overlooked. We suggest that you first try to contact them yourself via our platform. If you are unsuccessful, please contact our consultants on 021 286 6892 or info@procompare.co.za.
I am not satisfied with the job done. What now?The first step is to contact the Pro who provided the service and inform them of the irregularities. Most complaints are resolved by mutual agreement. If the situation gets complicated (the contractor refuses to take responsibility or does not respond at all), let us know as soon as possible so that we can intervene. Although we do not have legal leverage, we can try to resolve the situation by mediating. Your feedback is also important so that we can remove low-quality professionals from our network as quickly as possible.
How do I rate a Pro? You will receive an invitation to leave a rating by email - from our part or directly from the Pro. You can also log in to your user interface and submit a rating there. Alternatively, you can call or email us. For the purpose of objectivity and traceability, we only publish ratings from customers who have submitted a request for quote on our website.

Didn't find the answer to your question? Contact us at info@procompare.co.za.