Legal notice concerning the website

This notice refers to the landing (home) page and all sub-pages accessible on the website. Information and materials displayed on the (hereinafter referred to as the “Website”) are subject to the intellectual property rights of Procompare (Pty) Ltd (“Procompare”).


All information and materials on the Website are for information purposes only. Procompare shall endeavour to provide the best possible operation of the Website, but it shall not be liable for any delay or interruption in your use of the Website, or the functionality of the Website. All users use the Website at their own risk and all of Procompare’s rights in this regard remain fully reserved. Neither Procompare, its employees, representatives, shareholders or directors nor any other individual or legal entity that cooperated in creation, formation or development of the Website or still cooperates in upgrades and new information or materials shall be liable for any damages arising from the access, use or inability to use the information and materials on the Website or for any errors or shortcomings in their content. Procompare shall not be liable for any damages (including damages caused by viruses) to computer equipment, mobile phones or any other application with which any user may access the Website, or any use of the services offered on the Website, or its content, including but not limited to any consequential losses.

Procompare shall endeavour to provide correctness, accuracy and completeness of data on its website, however it shall not assume any liability if this is not the case. Website users are obligated to verify the correctness, accuracy and completeness of data for themselves.

Procompare may change the Website pages and/or its contents at any time, including but not limited to features available, hours of access and equipment required to access the Website, without prior notification and shall not assume any liability for the consequences of such changes. By your use of the Website you agree to these terms and conditions.

Restriction of use of information and materials

You, the user, can download information and materials shown on this page for your personal home use provided it is done for a lawful purpose. Under no circumstances are you allowed to change the Website or reverse engineer it, or use the copyright material thereon, or any of the content on the Website. Downloading and printing information and materials to review and read them for non-commercial personal use is permitted. Any other copying, distribution, republishing and changing of information and materials on the Website or sending the aforementioned via mail and dissemination in any other manner without prior written permission from Procompare is strictly prohibited. The use of any of the Website’s data, graphics or other elements for any other purpose, apart from exclusive personal, non-commercial home use, is also strictly prohibited.

Procompare shall not be liable for the form and content of websites which are in any way associated with The liability of Procompare for your use or visiting such associated websites is excluded in all instances, and is done at your own risk.

Procompare may amend this legal notice at any time by publishing this notice on the Website in its amended form, and it shall then apply to all users with effect from the date of amendment. Consequently, we recommend that you regularly review this legal notice and its version or effective date in case of any possible amendments. By using this Website you expressly confirm that you are acquainted with our terms and conditions and agree to them.

Use of this website, contrary to the stated rules is hereby prohibited. A user who uses pages in a manner contrary to the stated rules shall bear full civil liability for any claims made by any party suffering damages or wishing to protect its rights against the user. In the event of any third party raising any claim against Procompare based on or arising from the user’s violation of the stated rules, the user shall indemnify Procompare for any such claims to the fullest extent possible.

Compliance with Electronic Communication and Transaction Act

The following information is furnished in terms of Section 43 of the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act although Procompare does not provide a service or product and is not required to furnish this information. This content may change and therefore you are advised to regularly check this Legal Notice on the website for any amendments or updates.


Full name of Procompare:

PROCOMPARE Proprietary Limited, a private limited liability company established in accordance with the Companies Act of South Africa of 2008.


Physical address and telephone number:

Speakers Corner, 31 Parliament Street, Cape Town, 8001; Tel: 021 286 6892


Website address and email contact address:


Membership of any self-regulatory or accreditation bodies to which Procompare belongs or subscribes:



Code of Conduct to which Procompare subscribes and how that code of Conduct may be accessed electronically:

Not applicable


The registration number:



The place of registration:

South Africa


The names of Directors:

Jure Kodzoman and Luka Klemenc


The physical address where Procompare will receive legal service of documents:

303 Speakers Corner, 31 Parliament Street, Cape Town, 8001


Description of the main characteristics of the products or services offered:

Procompare offers a platform where users are able to connect with providers of services and products and vice versa in order for them to contract with one another.


The full price of goods or services, including transport costs, taxes and any other fees or costs:

None for the customers. The Providers pay such fees as are stipulated in the agreement governing their relationship with Procompare.


The manner of payment:

Payment may be effected via bank deposit, internet transfer, credit card or by debit order.


The terms of Agreement, including any guarantees, that will apply to the transaction and how those terms may be accessed, stored and reproduced electronically:

As set out in this Legal Notice, the applicable terms and conditions contained on the Website and the Order Form.


The time within which the goods will be dispatched or delivered or within which the services will be rendered:

The dispatch of goods or delivery of the service is entirely regulated between the User and the service provider, and any time period will depend on the terms contracted between them.


The manner and period within which consumers can access and maintain a full record of the transaction:

Contact to enquire about records.


Alternative Dispute Resolution Code:

In the event of any dispute or the alleged breach of the terms hereof, you (the user) will first negotiate in good faith with Procompare to resolve the matter within 14 days by escalating it to higher levels of Procompare’s management, prior to resorting to legal proceedings.


The security procedures and privacy policy of Procompare in respect of payment, payment information and personal information:

See Privacy Policy.


The minimum duration of the agreement in the case of agreements for the supply of products or services to be performed on or on-going basis or recurrently:

Only applicable to the Providers. See relevant terms and conditions.