Privacy policy

Protection of personal data

Certain parts of the website (hereinafter referred to as the “Website”) collects users' personal data, but only if users provide these voluntarily. The Website facilitates the exchange of product and/or service offers from the service providers to those Users who request such offers (“the Service”); and the Service is not possible without the Website forwarding the Users’ data to third parties. Nonetheless Procompare (Pty) Ltd the owner and operator of the Website (“Procompare”) will endeavour to protect the User’s personal information as required by data privacy legislation applicable to it , such as the Protection of Private Information Act in South Africa, European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and related legislation.

Do you want to submit a request for a Quote. What data about you do we collect?

Would you like to submit a request for quote free of charge? The Users who submit a request for a free quote on the Website are hereinafter referred to as “Users”.

When submitting a request for a Quote, Users will be asked to give us (Procompare) some personal information, e.g. full name, telephone number, email address, and information about the required products and/or services and technical data. In some cases, when this is a prerequisite for preparing a Quote, you will also be asked to tell us your home address or the location to which the Quote relates. Some data is stored while the data is being filled into a form. The Website uses cookies. Cookies technically enable the submission of the request for a Quote on the Website and help advertise our Website. By using the Website you agree to all of the above.

Are you offering your services via Which data is required for collaborating with us?

Companies and other juristic or natural persons that offer their products and services via are hereinafter referred to as “Providers”. If you sign up as a Provider, you will be asked for the contact information of persons in authority and persons responsible for the cooperation with Procompare (full name, telephone number, email address). In some instances, you will be asked to produce a personal identity document or company documentation to confirm your or the legal entity’s identity, as well as industry regulator membership or membership of a governing body, where applicable. Procompare may also verify such personal information from time to time.

What is technical data?

Technical data comprise the data about your IP address, operating system and the web browser you use to access the Website. Technical data will not be used to reveal your identity as an individual, but to ensure that the suitable website version (mobile/desktop) is used, to improve the usefulness of this Website, to analyse the Website visits, and to check for and correct errors on the Website.

You have submitted a request for a Quote. To whom do we forward your data?

The data you provided on our Quote Request Form is forwarded to the Providers that provide products and services via (“Providers”) you requested, but only after you have requested and confirmed such request as follows:

  1. When you submit a request for a Quote on and fill in the data you are willing to give us; and
  2. When we contact you and verify whether you indeed agree to us forwarding your data for the preparation of offers by the Providers.

Only then will the Providers be forwarded the data you provided and we will then request the Providers to give you a Quote based on your request.

We will notify you about the persons to whom your request for a Quote has been forwarded.

When may a Provider use your data?

  1. For the purpose of preparing a Quote and/or concluding a business deal with a User, including the preparation of any written contract or terms of engagement and the like.
  2. Each Provider undertakes that they will not under any circumstances forward the Users’ personal data to other users or third parties, unless they are obliged in law to do so or this is necessary for the purpose of preparing a Quote. The same applies for other (non-personal) data that is contained in the request for a Quote.

Natural persons’ data is not shared with other companies and we do not sell them to data processors that have no connection to the products or services you ordered.

After your request for a Quote is submitted on the Website, the data is safely stored. Only if required by the courts or governing authorities will your data be forwarded to the appropriate national authorities or courts.

Provider’s Undertakings

All Providers undertake towards Procompare and the User:

  1. to use and store the Users’ data acquired through the Service in accordance with the Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act and all other applicable regulations.
  2. to use the Users’ data exclusively for the purpose of preparing a Quote and/or concluding a business deal with the User.
  3. under no circumstances to forward Users’ personal or any other information received from Procompare to other Users or any third party, unless the same is necessary for the purpose of preparing a Quote and/or concluding a business deal with the User. The Provider also undertakes that it shall not forward any other information contained in the Lead to any third party, unless legally required to do so.
  4. to respect the following rights of Users:
  • The right of access to the data managed by the Provider.
  • The right of rectification of User data.
  • The right of deletion of User data.
  • The right of processing limitation.
  • The right of User data portability.

Cookies and services in use

As almost all websites, the Website uses cookies as well. A cookie contains a sequence of letters and numbers; it is loaded on your computer when you visit a website.

Our cookies

Why we use them:

  1. For purposes of the basic website operation (submitting requests for quote, registration, inspecting offers).
  2. We save your sign-up; the cookie ensures you do not have to sign-up every time you visit the Website.
  3. We modify the Website according to a User’s needs.

Third party cookies

As most websites, we use third party cookies. Without them, we would not be able to measure the quality of services and marketing which would likely render our service non-operational (especially since our Users receive service offers free of charge).

Why we use them:

  1. Statistical analyses of website visits.
  2. Website testing.
  3. Live chat with our advisors.
  4. for marketing campaigns.

Which third party services are we using?

Almost every website uses “analytical tools”. uses Google Analytics to analyse website visit and statistics. This tool does not recognize data about individual persons; it does however help us when measuring the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns. If you would like to be excluded from Google analytics tools, please visit

In some cases, we wish to change the Website, but we are not sure how Users will react. To determine this, we use testing tools (Google optimize) which only shows these changes to a small percent of Users. Based on the results we decide whether the change is worth adopting.

Most of the Website Users wish to converse with a real person directly on our website; we have enabled this with our live chat. The LivechatInc service enables a User to chat with our advisor on the Website.

We use the service which enables us to stay in contact with the Users who submitted a request for a Quote or the companies who visit the Website. enables us to identify other services that interest you after you had submitted a request for quote and to offer you appropriate Providers.

For marketing purposes, we use Google Ads. For more information and de-registration, please visit: We advertise in search engine results and by displaying ads on third party websites. Our adverts are also shown on Facebook (for more information and de-registration, please visit:; for this purpose, we use Facebook’s marketing tool. The adverts are also shown to Users who have visited the Website in the past.

When we wish to show a map with the location of a Provider or User, we use the Google maps service.

For sending emails, storing data, backups, and website hosting we use the following services of data processors:

  • Amazon AWS – sending e-mails, data storage, DNS Services
  • Hetzner Online GmbH – hosting
  • Hetzner (Pty) Ltd - hosting
  • Host Europe GmbH – hosting
  • Sendgrid, Inc– transaction emails
  • Clickatell, Inc - sending text messages
  • Message bird – sending text messages

Which messages can you expect from us?

You will receive messages if you are a User (you have submitted a request for quote). If you have submitted a request for quote on the Website, we will notify you of offers our Providers sent you, about User testimonials, services connected to your request for a Quote, and complementary services. We will send you links to Provider profiles and testimonials about them on the Website, and request you to review Providers you used. All notification that you receive will be related to your request for a Quote or the service.

Request for deletion of personal data

If you are no longer interested in the Services, you may contact at any time and request that we stop sending you communication. You may also request your data to be deleted, rectified or transmitted.