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CK Accounting Services

1 review
Vegan-ish , 8 months ago

CK Accounting Services is a great company. They go out of their way to assist me with anything I need at any time of the day. You can't improve on perfection.

Services: tax accountant, business accounting, accountants, accounting services, tax consultant, financial accounting, bookkeeping, bookkeeping services, audit, accounting firms, bookkeeper.

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Moganomp G. P. L. , 7 months ago

Very convenient and reasonable prices.

Portugal B. F. , 4 months ago

We found the NEWEND accountants very professional.

Services: tax accountant, accounting firms, accounting services, business accounting, financial accounting, accountants, bookkeeper, bookkeeping services, tax consultant, audit, bookkeeping.

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Melanie Joyce De Beer

2 reviews
L. M. , 4 months ago


Roberto D. L. , 6 months ago

We got sorted marvelously for the tax return by the Melanie Joyce De Beer! Would definitely recommend!

Years on the market
Clyde B. , 10 months ago

Fast, efficient and professional.

Services: financial accounting, business accounting, tax consultant, accounting services, bookkeeping services, bookkeeper, bookkeeping, accountants, accounting firms, tax accountant, audit.

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Maxwell M. , 7 months ago

We needed Accountant for a tax return and got magnificent help from Hilton Jacobson! Would definitely recommend!

Heila M. E. , 9 months ago

Mr. Hilton from "Hilton Jacobson Accountant and Tax Practitioner" made me feel like he knows what he is doing and I am very satisfied with the price.

Verified Pro

Services: tax consultant, financial accounting, accountants, bookkeeping services, accounting services, tax accountant, bookkeeping, business accounting, bookkeeper, audit, accounting firms.

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OWAMI L. , 1 years ago

They know the business

Services: accountants, financial accounting, tax consultant, accounting services, accounting firms, bookkeeper, tax accountant, audit, bookkeeping, business accounting, bookkeeping services.

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Kwemvelo Accountants

0 reviews

Services: bookkeeping, audit, accountants, bookkeeper, accounting firms, bookkeeping services, business accounting, tax accountant, financial accounting, tax consultant, accounting services.

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Nablie Accountants

0 reviews

Services: accounting services, financial accounting, accounting firms, bookkeeping services, business accounting, bookkeeper, audit, bookkeeping, tax accountant, accountants, tax consultant.

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Services: tax accountant, bookkeeping, audit, bookkeeper, accounting services, accounting firms, business accounting, accountants, bookkeeping services, financial accounting, tax consultant.

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Naresh Kandailal

0 reviews

Services: bookkeeping, accountants, bookkeeper, tax consultant, financial accounting, bookkeeping services, accounting firms, audit, accounting services, tax accountant, business accounting.

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Frequently asked questions

  • What does bookkeeping include?

    A bookkeeper will keep records of financial transactions and prepare financial statements, such as balance sheets and income statements. A bookkeeper will keep record of your: payroll and employment taxes, sales and purchases, expenses, bank statements, profit and loss statements, cash flow analysis.

  • How do I get my documents to my bookkeeper?

    You can give your bookkeeper your documents personally, in physical form, or you can use online services (such as Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.). The preferred method of deliverance will depend on your bookkeeper.

  • Why should I hire a bookkeeper if I only own a small business?

    Hiring a bookkeeper will allow you to focus more on your business instead. Moreover, with a professional bookkeeper, your records will be much more accurate as well.

Recent jobs for Bookkeepers, Pretoria

Business (Pty, CC, Ltd, Sole Prop, Inc,...)

  • City or suburb where you need the service: Pretoria
  • Number of employees: 6–20
  • Type of business: Private company (Pty)
  • Main business activity: Retail
  • Services required: Bookkeeping, Tax services, Payroll, Financial statements

All related accounting work for a retail business. This includes, - monthly bookkeeping - debtors and creditors - VAT returns - PAYE returns - UIF returns - workman's compensation - management statements - annual financial statements - Taxation (Business Taxation and submission) - Payroll (4-6 employees) - etc.