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Debongs Cafe

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Services: sandwich platters, wedding catering, plumbers, plumbing services, plumbing companies, blocked drains, party platters, water leak detection, corporate catering, catering platters, catering, geyser installation and repair, funeral catering, spit braai catering, event catering, catering companies.

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Services: plumbing services, geyser installation and repair, party platters, party catering, blocked drains, event catering, spit braai catering, sandwich platters, plumbing companies, catering, corporate catering, funeral catering, wedding catering, catering platters, plumbers, water leak detection.

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Ningmo Foods

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Services: wedding catering, party catering, catering platters, funeral catering, sandwich platters, catering, event catering, spit braai catering, party platters, corporate catering, catering companies.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Do catering companies offer taste tests?

    All catering services should offer a taste test before you put an order, and we suggest you make sure the food is up to your taste buds before putting in the order.

  • Does my quote include servers along with the food?

    Things included in the quotation will depend on a singular catering company. Some companies include food only, whereas others include servers, delivery of the food or even clean up after the event. Make sure to check the fine print when examining the quotations.

  • Will the catering company accommodate any dietary restrictions I might have?

    Most catering companies will take into account your dietary restrictions or food preferences. However, before deciding on a catering company, it is best to ask them specifically.

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Spit braai catering

  • Event date: 17th July
  • City (or suburb) where you need the service: Knysna
  • Approx. number of guests: 30

Menu : 1. BRAAI Bratwurst/ weiswurst and rolls and a potatoe salad as a snack for lunch at 1pm Menu 2 :SPIT for 5pm to serve: 1x a full lamb to feed 30 people With 2 X Salads Roast Vegetables and baby potatoes Cocktail buns with butter 2. 1 x Black Forest cake (round) – Karin’s 70tH 1 x Bar One cake (round) – ’s 40th