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How Procompare works for Pros

How Procompare works for Pros

Procompare is a lead generation platform for local professionals and companies. We simplify your everyday life, help you expand your business or fill in the gaps in your schedule.

African homeowners looking at a computer.

1. People come to us with their projects

When people need a job done, they come to us. They trust that we have all kinds of professionals ready to assist. And they are right.

We know the ins and outs of SEO, Google, Bing and Facebook and make sure new requests for your services are coming in every day.

2. You join our community of Pros

Internet access and a valid payment method are all you need to sign up. You select what kind of leads you want to receive based on your trade and the area you want to work in.

You decide on the monthly budget you are willing to spend and pay via direct debit or a credit card. Most leads cost from R40 - R150, depending on the size of the project. You pay for the lead, and customers pay for your work.

You can change your settings or cancel anytime.

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An example of a Procompare lead

3. We send you the leads

As soon as we verify the request, we send you a notification on Whatsapp or e-mail. You can see all the leads inside your Procompare user profile, where you can also monitor your spending.

Each lead includes everything you need to understand the job and create a good quote:

  • the description and size of the job
  • city or suburb
  • customer contact information

Meanwhile, we introduce you to the customer in advance, so he expects your call and can see your profile page, ratings and comments from your previous customers.

4. You contact the customer with a quote

Good communication is vital. We recommend you react within 1 hour of receiving the lead to have the best chance of getting the job.

We send a lead to you and a maximum of 5 other professionals to respond, so the chances of you winning the job are high. However, the customer will probably hear from a few other professionals, and the final decision of who to hire is up to him.

Tradesman is calling a customer with a quote.
As soon as you get the lead, you must make a phone call rather than email. You can then follow up with an email. If you call, you stand a better chance.” — Sandy Joselyn, Giddy Up
A customer and a pro shake hands.

5. You get hired

Once the customer hires you, you will work out the details to get the job done, and they will pay you directly. You get to keep everything you earn.

After finishing the project, ask the customer to leave you a great review. They are published on your public profile and help you build your reputation and win more jobs in the future.