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Services with the highest growth in demand

Services with the highest growth in demand

Demand for services that serve South African homeowners and businesses continues to grow despite the rising costs of living.

We have analysed over 100,000 requests submitted in the last two years on the Procompare lead generation platform for local professionals and companies.

Demand for home and business-oriented services on Procompare has doubled over the last year.

There are untapped opportunities for many Pros and enterprises. Are you one of them? Find out how to make the most of these opportunities. On the other hand, if you are a customer, learn what to watch for when hiring.

The demand for the listed services is growing the fastest in the urban centres of Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, Durban, and Bloemfontein.

What to do if you are in need of services?

The demand in the home improvement sector proved to be quite resilient in the harsh economic conditions. There will always be homeowners in need of builders, painters, plumbers, electricians and other contractors.

  • Expect the demand for home improvement services to remain high.
  • Higher demand means higher prices and longer lead times.
  • Look for Pros that are trustworthy and transparent.
  • Make sure you know all the costs and what you are getting for your money.
  • Get quotes from multiple Pros and get them in writing.
  • Never pay in advance if you are not sure about the company.

How can you be sure about the Pros? If they can’t show qualifications or past projects and references, that’s a huge red flag.

An older woman is checking the ID of the tradesman at the door.

Search for verified companies and professionals with a website, customer reviews, and testimonials. Compare the prices and services of different service providers until you find the one for you.

What to do if you are offering services?

That’s easy. Procompare’s data is excellent news for all the companies providing services for homeowners and businesses. It means the market is hungry for your skills, and it will probably stay that way for the foreseeable future.

You can cash in on the opportunities right away. Join a demand generation platform that connects you to the customers in your area already waiting for your services.

Does it pay to learn a trade?

If you like working with your hands, are good at solving problems and have decent communication skills, learning a trade is one of the quickest ways into the job market.

The key is always to have access to customers in need of your expertise.

The salary ranges per year are extensive since they depend greatly on qualifications, experience and the project at hand.

Yearly salaries in South Africa according to Payscale

Range Average salary
Security officer R29,000 - R234,000 R60,000
Catering assistant R37,000 - R105,000 R78,000
Builder R37,000 - R242,000 R66,000
Painter R41,000 - R126,000 R92,000
Electrician R27,000 - R421,000 R221,000
Plumber R49,000 - R283,000 R126,000
Housekeeping cleaner R4000 - R59,000 R20,000
Gardener R23,000 - R88,000 R41,000
Accountant R118,000 - R480,000 R275,000
Architect R131,000 - R524,000 R279,000

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For nearly ten years, Procompare has been providing businesses in several countries worldwide with high-quality leads, helping them grow and prosper. Today, we forward over 200,000 leads per year in more than 150 service categories for home and business – from architects, plumbers, and building specialists to web designers, accountants, and cleaning services.

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