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City or suburb: Parow
What do you need?: New e-commerce website
How many products do you want to showcase?: Up to 200
We looked at using Shopify as the web builder, they have most of the key aspects needed for such a site. Adding other functions does become harder. Our website will consist of three different product types, namely Vinyl, Laminated and SPC. Each has 3-5 ranges. Average 5 product per range. In total there are 60 items currently available that we will show to our customers. The key is to make our website as eye catching as possible, but still keep the navigation as simple as possible for clients. From product selection to visualizer, floor calculator, then checkout cart must be extremely easy for clients to navigate. Please see below, two websites using tools we would love to use in our website. - flooring calculator - flooring visualizer
East London
City or suburb: east London
What do you need?: New website
What type of website do you need?: Business website
How many web pages do you want your website to include?: 2–5
The website is for a new consulting company, i want about 5 pages on it to give out information and to get information from customers. It's aim is to attract people thats looking for implementation of systems (quality,production, HR, logistics ect) as well as reworking products for organizations. Yes my deadline is mid August.
City or suburb: Bloemfontein
What do you need?: New e-commerce website
How many products do you want to showcase?: Up to 200
1. Home page with summary of all 2. About Us page with everything in it about us, our mission, vision, etc. 3. E-commerce program with PayPal and Payfast merchant 4. Paid subscription per year or so 5. Newsletter keeping in touch with subscribers 6. Fundraiser donation button for receiving donations 7. Raffle page where people buy a raffle ticket for different prices to win 8. Photo contests where contenders pay a subscription to upload a photo and voters donate a subscription fee to vote. 9. Facebook and other social media platform share buttons 10. Facebook page and integration 11. Feedback page from people who got helped 12. Acknowledgment page of major donors. 13. Contact Us page with contact details and mail form to different departments of the organization 14. Privacy Policy and Terms and conditions pages 15. The website should work and look nice on a cellphone too. 16. Training to operate the website

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