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City or suburb: Durna
What do you need?: New e-commerce website
How many products do you want to showcase?: Up to 10
I am looking to create an e-commerce website for my new skincare range launching in a 2 weeks. I’m starting out with only about 4 products, and plan to add a new product every 2 months or so. I have already registered a domain. I require the following on my website/ online store: Homepage/ Information page about the brand. SHOP page- clicking on a product takes u to a page showing pic, information and price of each product. Checkout, payment, courier options. Contact us page. I require all orders and queries to be linked to my email, as well as access to the website for me to edit at any time.
City or suburb: Johannesburg
What do you need?: New website
What type of website do you need?: Business website
How many web pages do you want your website to include?: 6–10
Restarting a new company We are going to specialize in Solar systems.... Our Target Market will be The following: MINES,MUNICIPALITIES,RESORTS GENL.-PUBLIC : Hopefully you can offer to us digital maekting, We are looking at a total package The company will extend to more than just Solar, we will do rebuild of mine machinery from diesel to fully Electric Driven Machines .....

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