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Accountants, Tax accountant
City or suburb where you need the service: Turffontein
Total annual personal income: Less than R500.000
Which of these apply to you?: Travel allowance, Housing allowance, Medical Aid
For the past two years not able to filling my IRP5 -Income Tax Return . In reciept of a petrol card and recording work travel kilometers and this is the part that is giving problem when filling the the returns as the work and private kilometers don't balance The personal part and expenses are fine problem is the travelling kilometers part.
Accountants, Audit
City or suburb where you need the service: Highbury
Number of employees: More than 20
Type of business: Public company (Ltd)
Main business activity: Public sector
Services required: Bookkeeping, Tax services, Payroll, Financial statements
This is a request to provide a payroll service as listed below for a RFP we are busy preparing. So we would like to get a quote : Duties: Setting up and maintaining payroll records. • Filing payroll tax returns with SARS. • Provide payroll reports. • Statutory returns including PAYE, SDL, and UIF. • Improve business efficiencies in the payroll services value chain. • Ensure compliance and by making sure that payroll administration and management activities are accurate, secure, and accessible. • Having the right level of skill set on-board.
Accountants, Accountants
City or suburb where you need the service: Johannesburg
Number of employees: 2–5
Services required: Tax services, Financial statements
Good Day, I have an enquiry regarding an Annual financial statement. I just opened my own non-profit company but would love to apply for funding, in order to do such I need assistance in complaining an Annual financial statement. What are the procedures that I need to follow in order for my company to get the financial statement? Type a message
Accountants, Bookkeeping
City or suburb where you need the service: Munsieville
Number of employees: More than 20
Type of business: Private company (Pty)
Services required: Financial statements
Hi I need help. My late husband had a company which is still active ad has more than employee, he has 45% shares on that company and apparently I was advised that e signed a share holders agreement before his passing and now his share are up to be sold. I don't understand how share are calculated. Just received financial statement from company as o not sure what's going on I need help
Cape Town
City or suburb where you need the service: Cape Town
Total annual personal income: Less than R500.000
I am one of those who has absolutely no idea on tax when earning money through freelancing. I have been freelancing for almost two years, and up until now I always thought clients or the platforms I am using were paying my tax as I'm used to when I worked salary jobs. Seems it's not the case and I would like to get back on board and feel good about keeping it clean and abiding the law and tax regulations. I literally have no idea or understand Anything about tax. I have quite a bit more to discuss. Thank you in advance!

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