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City or suburb: Johannesburg
What do you need?: New website
What type of website do you need?: E-commerce website
How many web pages do you want your website to include?: 6–10
Hi. I've started a new website for a client, I have registered the domain, completed and approved artwork. I've started the build on Salient wordpress theme, and have set up the home page and started the about us page. It's an eCommerce with 28 products and all product details have been supplied in Excel. Please provide a quote to complete the site, which will include a total of 5 content pages + WooCommerce setup population and testing.
Digital marketing and SEO services, SEO companies - East London
East London
City or suburb where you need the service: Ncerha Village 2. East London
Your website (URL): in the making
Do you need any additional digital marketing service(s)?: Google Ads marketing (PPC), Social Media marketing, Email marketing, I need advice
What is your approximate monthly budget?: Less than R5.000
My objectives for the website can be summed up in the following: 1. Objectives To reach out to as many people as can be possible and a broader market with my services as a marketing tool and interact with potential clients in real time To use it as a real time online counseling tool where necessary To be able to post promotional media {videos, photos, manuals and other relevant documents for the benefit of my clientele and the public. etc. To be able to do Online Training Products include herbal products and health food products that are not limited as they vary in quantities from time to time. Services: These include regular features (e.g. Consultation) plus customized therapy/treatment interventions as may be required at the time of application from time to time. Each item whether health product and/or health service (regular) will have a price tag and a person can order and pay for the product/service online. In addition to the above, all other services including such that will be assessed and ascertained as they occur, will be paid for online. You can further guide and advise. Thanks Joe
Mostyn Park
City or suburb: Mostyn Park
What do you need?: New website
What type of website do you need?: Business website
How many web pages do you want your website to include?: 2–5
We want a user-friendly website where customers can view all our products, place orders and make optional payment. -We have an order online where people can order online fruit veg they can also view and choose online . -We also want clients to deliver online. Person to be speaking to - Kingsley Musa

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