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City or suburb where you need the service: Randburg
Type of service: Shower or bathtub installation or replacement, Piping installation or replacement, Geyser installation or replacement, Other, Toilet installation or replacement
Estimated project start: Within a month
Installation of new additional sewer line as per building plan to main sewer connection and Reroute part of existing sewer line to main sewer connection. 2. Installation of one new heat pump for 2 geysers including: - Relocating 1 existing geyser - installing a new 2nd geyser 3. New installation as per building plan of: 3/4 inch water supply pipes from geyser to points and drainage from points to sewer line for 2 new built bathrooms, 3 existing bathrooms and new built kitchen, and installation of new sanitary fittings 4. Installation of new mentis drain on driveway in front of double garage

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