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Cape Town
City or suburb where you need the service: cape
Number of employees: 2–5
Type of business: Private company (Pty)
Main business activity: Industry/manufacture
Services required: Bookkeeping
Need a hands on person who can assist with Xero. Small businesses but growning. services required;. System implementation. Keeping track of sales, purchases, payments and receipts. Recons and cross checking of supplier invoices. Compiling the accounts and preocessing payments to be released. Cost coding of products.Monthly reports on profit and loss . Suggestions and flags . Paye and vat recons. Work on the design maintenance and review of internal business processes. Organise, collate and record financial data on a weekly and store this information in general ledgers Record the financial information of your business in a standard way, so that accountants can also access it. Anticipate this will take approx 8 hours per week .
Accountants, Tax consultant
City or suburb where you need the service: Illiondale
Total annual personal income: Less than R500.000
Which of these apply to you?: Rental income
Unemployed. Renting my late father's property out in order to pay the property expenses. I presently do not stay at said property. I have taken out private debt in order to 'fix' the property from the condition it was left in. Property still under his name - bank aware of the situation however, I would like to know my liability for tax, as I don't want to end up 'shooting myself in the foot'. Regards

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