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Cleaning services, Cleaning Services
City or suburb where you need the service: Olympus
Frequency: One-time or occasional clean
Approx. cleaning surface (sqm): Less than 100 sqm
Additional services: Window cleaning
Good day The whole apartment is 86 Sqm. I dont have the exact dimensions but room 1 is 11Sqm, room 2 is 10 Sqm, and the living room 16 Sqm. We only have 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1 living area, 1 kitchen (open plan living area and kitchen), and a small patio outside. We stay on the ground floor. I dont have the other dimensions. Please let me know if it will be enough information. Kind regards
City or suburb where you need the service: Sasolburg
Frequency: Weekly
Approx. size (sqm): 606
approximate sizes for the buildings we need cleaned once a week: Greenhouse 1 Length: 14.5 Breadth: 12.6 Area m2: .7 Greenhouse 2 Length: 21.4 Breadth: 14 Area m2: .6 STORE L: 10.4 B: 8.5 A: 88.4 OFFICE L: 7.8 B: 4.6 A: 35.88 I'm also attaching some pictures of the greenhouses and store. Regards Hantie

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