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Web design, Website design
City or suburb: Tshwane
What do you need?: New website
What type of website do you need?: Business website
How many web pages do you want your website to include?: 2–5
We just bought a sanitising fogger machine. One only. And want to see how it will develop. The site must be there for people that is looking for sanitising their business after a Covid 19 case. So they can open the next day again without delay. I myself have so much instry experience and is BSc Microbiologist ( Degree just say Biology) The site must advertise this business and generate inquiries. I also need email addresses associated with this business. I am working over 20 years in Food safety and health and safety systems. And I seen last few weeks the companies out there is 1. Using wrong chemicals 2. Overcharge the people. Yes there is some urgency. We take ownership of this machine End next week. I am not leaving my day-job. But I want something nice. Like a Woolworths nice. But where the layman can understand they must rather use us.
Digital marketing and SEO services, Digital marketing agency
Polokwane North
City or suburb where you need the service: Polokwane North
What service(s) are you interested in?: Social Media marketing, I need advice
What is your approximate monthly budget?: Less than R5.000
I am the author of 3 step-by-step guides: Reading is fun, Teaching a child to read English. I have sold quite many books already to teachers and parents, all stating that it is a very good product and that their children can read now. I use it myself, in my work as remedial therapist, too. During this lockdown situation, parents will be in need to teach their gr. R and gr. 1 children. I hope to find suitable digital marketing, to reach these young parents to inform them about the book and to the make this product available to them.

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