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City or suburb: Waterfall
What do you need?: New website
What type of website do you need?: Business website
How many web pages do you want your website to include?: 2–5
Company is a start-up in advising clients on back-up power systems to prevent loss of production from power failures. Engineering and technical advice. Need a clean looking website. I have no pics. I am selling consulting services so I have no products and I am not tied into one brand. So rather than show pics of the products, generators, solar etc I want to show images in the banners and in the pages of people working, production happening which is the end result of my services. "Despite load shedding, we are operating because we have a back-up power solution" So for example, a team of surgeons standing over a patient in an operating theatre with a bright light from the top and showing all the instruments and monitors working. Also for eg. bottles moving on a conveyor belt in a brewery plant and machinery and people working in a factory. One or two "distance" shots of solar panels and a group of generators working as a power system.

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