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Mthatha Plaza
City (or suburb) where you need the service: Mthatha
Number of employees: 1 or none
Type of business: Private company (Pty)
Main business activity: Retail
Services required: Financial statements
s is a newly registered company in the retail sector. Our core suppliers will be the Aluminum products. We are in negotiations with the National Empowerment Fund for finance, while Funding Connection are the Business Consultants working on our business plan and access to finance. Origin Aluminum are manufacturing we will be purchasing our products from. As a new company in the rough terrain of the South African economy, we have to identify the best Accounting and Auditing company with great credentials. TGM is joining the mainstream economy in order to make a contribution in the development and growth of the rural economy as our business will be located at Xhwili in Mthatha.

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