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Services: security guard services, security companies, armed security, armed response, armed guard, security guards.

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ADT Security

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Services: security guards, armed guard, security guard services, armed security, security companies, armed response.

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Services: armed guard, security guard services, armed security, security guards, security companies, armed response.

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Gp Security

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Services: burglar bars, security companies, turnstile gate, gates, armed security, wooden gates, garden gate, security guard services, driveway gates, security doors, armed guard, metal gates, steel gate, security gates, security guards, electric gate.

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Frequently asked questions

  • What kind of questions should I ask a security company before hiring them?

    Some questions to ask a security company are: What kind of experience does the security company have with your particular situation? What kinds of licenses does the company have? What kinds of training does your team go through? Are you fully insured? Are your guards monitored? How are they kept accountable? The answers will tell you if this is a security company you want to work with.

  • How can a security guard protect me?

    Security guard can protect people (ask unwanted people to leave premises), detain people and use force, if it so necessary to ensure safety of himself, other people or the property. He can’t, however, use unreasonable force or detain people for an unreasonable amount of time.

  • How many security guards do I need?

    That depends on the type of the premises you want to secure. If you have more entrances, for example, it is advisable to hire more security guards.

  • What is armed security?

    Armed security refers to one or more weapons-trained defense professionals who you can hire to protect your person, your family, your team and your property.