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Italian Builders

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Services: steel windows, wooden doors, painting contractors, house extension, thatched roof, house renovation company, windows professionals, home repair, geyser installation and repair, doors, double glazed windows, roof sheeting, construction contractors, building contractors, roofing, sliding doors.

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Services: bamboo flooring, flooring, laminate flooring, wood flooring, carpet, parquet flooring, vinyl flooring.

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South Coast Flooring

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Services: vinyl flooring, carpet, flooring, wood flooring, bamboo flooring, laminate flooring, parquet flooring.

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Infinite Flooring

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Services: bamboo flooring, flooring, vinyl flooring, wood flooring, parquet flooring, laminate flooring, carpet.

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Services: parquet flooring, bamboo flooring, laminate flooring, carpet, flooring, vinyl flooring, wood flooring.

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Frequently asked questions

  • What kind of flooring should I use if I have pets?

    It would be wise to consider vinyl, tile, or carpeting screened for stain resistance, since hardwood floor can damage easily. Laminate and LVT are also a safe option.

  • Can I install new flooring over my existing flooring?

    You can install certain types of flooring (vinyl, laminate, hardwood, carpet, etc.) over existing flooring, if the surface is firm, hard and flat. You cannot install anything over a layer of any kind of floating floor.

  • What kind of flooring should I get for my kitchen and bathroom?

    There are waterproof laminate and vinyl flooring, and you can even get hardwood that is quite moisture repellent, but the safest option are ceramic or porcelain tiles. As there is less moisture in the kitchen, you can get more creative there.

  • Can you install vinyl over tiles?

    Yes, if the tiles are still firm and unbroken, they are a good surface to install your vinyl over.

  • How durable are vinyl floors?

    Vinyl flooring of good quality will last 25 years and more.