How much does a house plan cost in South Africa?

All great houses start as house plans, the vision on paper of what your home will look like. Getting one drawn up when you’re building a house will cost you anything from R2 500 - R22 000 depending on the size and style of home you want to build.

Investing in a quality house plan will help you manage your building project efficiently. That’s why we’ve put together a cost guide to help you navigate the process.

House plan costs per house

House type Cost
Average sized family home (150-250m)
  • 3 bedrooms
  • 2 living spaces
  • 1 bathroom
  • 1 car garage
House plans for an average-sized family home will cost you around R2 500 to R4 000.
Modern style family home (300-400m)
  • Double story
  • 4 bedrooms
  • 2+ living spaces
  • 2+ bathrooms
  • 2 car garage
House plans for a contemporary style family home of this size will cost you anything from R8 000 to R15 000 depending on your design needs.
Large modern style family home (400m+)
  • Multiple stories
  • 5+ bedrooms
  • 3+ bathrooms
  • 2+ bathrooms
  • 3+ living spaces
  • 3+ car garage
House plans for homes larger than 400m will cost you around R15 000 to R22 000.

What goes into your house plan cost

Your house plan cost will vary based on several factors, including the level of experience of the professionals you choose to work with. That’s why it’s important to consider as many options as you can so you get value for money.

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The shape and design of your building, the land you’re building on and whether your building is a new or pre-existing structure will all add to the cost of your plan.

Other factors that will add to the cost are the level of detail you want on your drawing, the research your architect will have to do and the changes to the drawing that might become necessary as your building project progresses. 3D models and rendering will also add to your total cost if you choose to get them.

Enlisting the services of an experienced professional will be well worth the price you pay. It might seem like a costly option, but getting a quality drawing from the outset will save you a lot of money and trouble going forward.

What to consider when getting a house plan

Every house is ultimately more than just a building, so here are a few things to consider as you move towards your home’s final design.

  • Your lifestyle
  • Your budget
  • Location
  • Functionality of the property

Keep the points in number as you consider your options for a house plan so that whatever choice you land on is one you’ll be happy with for a long time.

The rates you need to know

The South African Council for the Architectural Profession or SACAP dictates that the standard rate for a building plan be limited to 5% of the total building cost (using a build cost of R12 500/m2) for municipal approved plans.

Architects may only charge up to 3% (of R12 500/m2) for acting as the Principal Agent with JBCC (Joint Building Contracts Committee) building agreement. These are actual rates to keep in mind as they will affect your budget and the prices you can expect to be charged.

House plan with a pencil and a miniature lego house on it.

Getting a quality house plan drawn up for your project can be a complex process. That’s why you should always conduct thorough research into all your options before you commit to moving ahead. Make sure that you are dealing with qualified professionals and getting a fair price. Feel free to ask for a look at your professional’s past work and contact their past clients to get a complete idea of what you can expect when working with them.

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Doing your due diligence will help you avoid getting taken advantage of or being unhappy with the outcome. It will also make your journey from plan to home much smoother and enjoyable.