Top 7 interior design trends in 2021

The modern home is all about personalisation. Creating the perfect bedroom, living room, and kitchen diner is all about multi-functionality and combining deep neutral shades to reflect character and charm. A closer look at the top 7 interior design trends for 2021 provides stunning ideas for a home to suit your lifestyle.

1. Spaciousness

The first design trend for 2021 is all about creating a clutter-free home. The year of simple living includes free-flowing interiors that are organised. Look at non-essential décor and where you can introduce more storage. This will help clear clutter while improving the look and feel of spaciousness.

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2. Grey and natural tones

While previous trends were about introducing bold colour and patterns, 2021 is the year of greys, beiges, and neutral palettes. To complement the spacious trend, greys and neutral shades are recommended. These tones immediately make a room feel lighter and larger. It I also the ideal choice for small rooms or apartments.

3. Choose colour carefully

Rather than create a feature wall with a bold wallpaper or outrageous colour, the new design trend is all about subtlety. Consider a single shade to add a hint of colour to your neutral space. If you choose a light grey as the dominate shade, consider blues and greens to introduce in scatter cushions, throws, or decorative accessories.

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4. Bring the outdoors in

2021 is the year to embrace natural materials and elements. Bamboo rugs, a natural stain across wood floors, and micro-gardens for smaller patios are great ways to enhance a natural look and feel. No matter the style of your home, you can easily incorporate potted plants and miniature herb gardens that bring your outdoor greens into your home.

5. The industrial theme continues

Do you remember when the industrial décor trend first came out? Property owners were delighted with cool steel, raw wood, and metallic finishes that added edge and less maintenance. Along with the expertise of a local architect, residencies were transformed with large open plan living spaces and exposed materials from the ceiling to the floor. In 2021, the industrial theme continues for the interior. Minimalist décor along with simple furniture enhance architectural design while adding spaciousness.

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6. Natural light

To create a beautiful open and spacious living area, the new interior trend is to let the light in. Natural light means replacing heavy drapery with contemporary blinds and curtains. The moment you create additional light, your home feels modern and spacious.

7. Minimalist style

To fit with simple living that reflects your personality, the modern home includes Nordic and Japanese inspired décor. You can transform the layout of your home to reflect a minimalist style. With the assistance of a professional architecture company, you can plan for an open and bright living environment.

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Stay On Trend in 2021

A professional interior design company can keep your home on trend with exceptional style solutions. Simplistic living with open plan concepts and neutral shades will transform your home into a modern work of art.

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