Carports vs. Garages: Pros and Cons

Carports vs. Garages: Pros and Cons

Protecting your car and keeping it looking its best should be a priority for you. Carports and garages both offer excellent solutions, but they also present some challenges.


Pros Cons
  • Offers added security and protection
  • Increases property value
  • Provides additional storage
  • Can be used as an extra living space
  • May be attached or detached
  • Takes a long time to build
  • It’s expensive
  • Must comply with building requirements


A garage offers several benefits, but they all come at an added cost. Moreover, they are not an immediate solution, and you’ll require the necessary permissions to add a built structure to your property.

If you opt for a garage, you will certainly have to hire a contractor for the project. A garage build is not the sort of project you will be able to do on your own.

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Pros Cons
  • You can install it yourself
  • Not very expensive
  • Doesn’t take a lot of time to install
  • May be attached or detached
  • May not require approval (easier to obtain if necessary)
  • Can be used as an outdoor living space
  • Minimal added security and protection
  • Doesn’t significantly improve property value


Carports offer many benefits, the best of all being the easy and cheap installation. While they give minimal security from theft, they are effective, low-cost protection against the weather. They can also serve as an area to entertain guests outdoors and provide cover for your braais during the rainy season.

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Both carports and garages are excellent choices for protecting your car. Your decision will depend on what type of protection you need and whether it will fit your timeline and budget.

If you go to bed worried about your car, a garage might be the best option for you. For additional security, it’ll do the best job, and you’ll get a sizable bump in property value at the same time.

Modern garage carport attached to a building.

If all you want is to protect your car from harsh sunlight or the occasional hail storm, a carport will be more than enough. And, you can have it installed in close to no time at all, within a reasonable budget. The installation will also make for an excellent outdoor entertaining space, and depending on the materials you choose, it could also add to your property value.

Protecting your car must be a priority, and a professional can quickly help you with whichever option works best for you. If you fancy yourself a DIY expert, you could get away with getting a project pack online. Just be sure to read the instructions.