How much does a fence cost?

How much does a fence cost?

The price of fences varies substantially. This is mainly due to the type and quantity of material used for construction. The table below does not include a price range for vinyl/PVC fencing, simply because there are so many different styles and sizes available.

Fencing type Average cost per meter installed Cost range per meter installed
Palisade fence R 1 400,00 R 900,00 to R 1 900,00
Electric fence R 250,00 R 200,00 to R 300,00
Welded mesh R 550,00 R 450,00 to R 650,00
ClearVu fencing R 1 150,00 R 1 000,00 to R1 300,00
Steel palisade and pillars R 2 750,00 R 2 500,00 to R 3 000,00
500 mm flat razor wire R 70,00 R 80,00 to R 90,00

How to choose the right type of fence for me?

Flat razor wire is the cheapest fencing available, but for it to be effective, you have attach it to an existing concrete wall or wire mesh fence. Steel palisade and pillars is the most expensive due to the amount of steel required to manufacture these. The price of palisade fencing varies the most because the price depends on the height of the fence required.

green steel palisade fence

The average cost for fence installation is R 40,00 per square meter, while the cost range is between R 20,00 and R 60,00 per square meter.

There are however a number of other factors that will determine the exact cost of having your fence installed, and it is therefore best to ask for a quote for fence installation based on your own unique circumstances and requirements.

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These factors include things like the province in which you live, and the general terrain on which the fence needs to be installed. It will be much easier and therefore cheaper to install a fence on a flat property with relatively soft ground. Overgrown, hilly properties with lots of rocks in the ground will make the job more difficult and expensive.