5 things to watch for when hiring a fence provider

Finding the right fencing contractor takes time, but it is worth it. Here's what to do and what to watch for:

1. Research local fencing companies

Selecting a fencing contractor starts by doing research. An online search for fencing contractors in your local area will likely produce many results. It's hard to know which are good and which are not. Luckily, you've come to the right place. On Procompare, we have already done this, so you don't have to. We have a list of verified high-quality fencing professionals with whom we work.

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2. Get recommendations and references from friends and family

To get a feel for whether you can trust a local fencing contractor, you would usually ask your neighbours, family members, and friends for references. Some of them likely have at some stage used a fencing contractor or know of someone that has. This is a great resource that is easy to tap into.

On Procompare, the Pros receive reviews from customers after the project is done. This gives you an excellent idea of the quality of service. It also helps you learn how they treat their customers, how well they communicate and respect the deadlines and agreements.

3. Check the local fence contractor’s qualifications and experience

As there are many small details to be taken care of, it’s best to select a local fencing contractor with many years of experience. This will ensure that your project does not have any unnecessary hassles or rookie mistakes. This will save you a lot of frustration and money in the longer term.

Fortunately, Procompare can help make this step very easy for you! When you use our site to request a quote, you only get quotes from trusted local fencing professionals.

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4. Check the types of services the fencing company provides

A fencing contractor should offer a wide range of fencing options, including products like different types of palisade fencing, electric fencing, precast wall fencing, and custom fencing.

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5. Be clear on your expectations and the timeline

Once you have received the quotes and identified which contractor you would like to use, discuss your project’s timeline and make sure your expectations are clear. Let the fencing contractor quote the costs of materials and labour and clearly state when the project is expected to start and how long it will take to complete. Clear communications from the start will go a long way to ensuring that the fence will be installed on time and for the amount you are willing to pay.

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