Customer reviews

4.5 / 5
Emergency services
Calvin K., Midrand
I urgently needed an electrician to repair the wiring in my house, so I chose the electrician that called me first. He repaired the system quickly and I think he did a great job. Even though it was an emergency, he did not charge more than the usual price. Thank you!
5.0 / 5
Emergency services
Ruth L., Roodepoort
My electrical system malfunctioned at the worst possible time – 1 day before my vacation. I was worried because I needed it fixed before going on my vacation! One of my friends suggested me to try Procompare and it was a great idea. I found an electrician who was willing to come repair it the next day. Thank you so much!
5.0 / 5
Emergency services
Jayden C., Kimberley
When my wiring broke down, I was in panic because I didn’t have time to research good electricians and I also didn’t want to pay a fortune for the repair. I found a good, kind electrician with Procompare who repaired my wiring the next day and he didn’t overcharge me. I’m really happy and satisfied, thanks!
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