How much will an electrician cost you?

Below you will find a detailed breakdown of electrician prices, together with descriptions what is included in the price and other necessary information that will help you make the best possible decision.

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Electrician — rate per hour
Average cost R450 / hour
Cost range R300R600 / hour

This is the electrician's average hourly rate for labour. The rate will vary according to day and time (i.e. if work is done out of hours) and does not include price of any electrical supplies or replacement parts. Also an emergency call-out fee may apply. The average cost to hire an electrician's rate per hour is R450 / hour, or typically between R300 / hour and R600 / hour.

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Home wiring — 3-bedroom house
Average cost R25,000 / complete wiring
Cost range R20,000R30,000 / complete wiring

This is the price for wiring a 3-bedroom house. The total cost will depend on the exact size of the house, the number of light/plug points installed, the fittings, fixtures and accessories used. Wiring a 3-bedroom house costs range between R20,000 / complete wiring and R30,000 / complete wiring with an average of R25,000 / complete wiring.

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Data cabling — price per point
Average cost R700 / per point
Cost range R550R850 / per point

This is the average price per data point. The final cost of data cabling varies depending on the number of data points, scope of work, site (business or residential installation), and location. The average cost of data cabling is R700 / per point, or typically between R550 / per point and R850 / per point.

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Electrician — emergency call out fee
Average cost R600 / call out
Cost range R500R700 / call out

This is the electrician's call out fee and it's separate from any labour charges. The price depends on your issue and the day and time. Sometimes it includes the first hours' worth of labour. On average, expect to be charged between R500 / call out and R700 / call out for an electrician's emergency call out fee.

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Price per double plug point
Average cost R500 / plug point
Cost range R400R600 / plug point

This is the price for a double plug point when installing new wiring or rewiring. The final price depends on the number of points/double points installed, materials used, site (business or residential), and location. On average, expect to be charged between R400 / plug point and R600 / plug point for a double plug point.

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Price per point
Average cost R400 / per point
Cost range R300R500 / per point

This is the price per light or plug point when installing new wiring or rewiring. The final price depends on the number of points installed, materials used, site (business or residential), and location. For plug or light point, expect to pay between R300 / per point and R500 / per point.

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Electrical CoC
Average cost R1100 / certificate
Cost range R700R1500 / certificate

This is the price of an electrical certificate of compliance (Electrical CoC) of an average house. The price varies depending on the location, condition, size of the installation, and type of property.. Electrical CoC costs range between R700 / certificate and R1500 / certificate with an average of R1100 / certificate.

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Recent jobs for electricians

Electricians, Electrical wiring
City or suburb: Randburg
Brought a older house in Randburg Blairgowrie, and wish to have the entire house rewired. Detail of the house: This is a three bedroom, two bathroom, kitchen, lounge, electric fence, pool. Above is a link to the house for a better idea.
Electricians, Electrical repair
City or suburb: Ventersdorp
Areas in need of repair or installation: Other
Good day, I would like to get a quote to install a 16Lpm gas geyser. I need a price for the geyser, as well as the following materials: cowl, pipe, inline strainer, batteries, gas pipe, regulator, gate valve, 15mm copper weld on elbows, 15mm weld on male and female adaptors, 15mm cobra safe pipe, 15mm conex t-stuk, 15mm conex elbows. Then labour and travelling (the travelling for as if I am staying in Potchefstroom please?) I already got a local quote, I just want to compare the quote.
Mossel Bay
City or suburb: Mossel Bay
Areas in need of maintenance: Other / I don't know
I require someone to perform the following: 1. service and purify my oil transformer. Specs: Kva, 3.3kV/V, DY11 I also want to enquire about rates for labor when installing a standard V DB Box (All material supplied), this box feeds 3 pumps Lastly, I would like to enquire about labor rates to perform faultfinding. Pump is in working order but does not work
Electricians, Electrical repair
City or suburb: Monument Park, Pretoria
Areas in need of repair or installation: Electrical garage door/gate/fence
Knowledgeable person to come and do site inspection. New extension (36 m) from existing electric fence is required to be installed on top of newly installed palisade fence, with gate on street front. Connection is to be from existing energizer. Repair one or two broken earthing pegs. Assess the general condition of existing segments of electric fence. Provide a quote that specifies cost items and labour. It would be greatly appreciated.
City or suburb: Bloemfontein
I need electrician to install a backup power system on a house. All components: batteries, inverters, wires, connectors ect will be supplied. The batteries and inverters will be installed in the garage of the house, power will run from the main db board to the inverter to charge the batteries, then back out from the batteries to the inverter to the db board into the house. When power to the house from the municipal main line cuts out the power from the batteries will kick in and power the house. Expectations: clean and maintainable job needs to be done, the work will be inspected afterward and any necessary changes will have to be made, safe and maintainable work is of priority.
City or suburb: BRACKENFELL
Areas in need of maintenance: Electrical wiring, DB box or circuit breaker panel, Socket outlets, Lighting, Heating/ventilation/cooling, Door entry/access control, Electrical garage door/gate/fence, Other / I don't know
I am Nduba-Israel Mukendi, I am an Electrical Engineer with my degrees in Electrical Engineering. I have an enthusiastic and dedicated electrical engineer, who enjoys being part of, as well as leading, a successful and productive team. Quick to grasp new ideas and concepts, and to develop innovative and creative solutions to problems. Able to work well on own initiative and can demonstrate the high levels of motivation required to meet the tightest of deadlines. Even under significant pressure, possesses a strong ability to perform effectively.
Hout Bay
City or suburb: Hout Bay
In summary the main specs are: a. 34 x wiring to new lights (mostly downlighters, some external wall mounted) b. 16x wiring to plug points (std double plug) c. 1x oven Isolator, wiring 32 amps d. 1x hob isolator 20amps d. 3x air con points, isolator 15 amps e. 7x switch points f. 6 x switch points 2-way g. "making good" on and integration of existing My own diagram of the job, if this might be useful for the purpose of quoting.
City or suburb: Walmer, Port Elizabeth
Areas in need of repair or installation: Socket outlets
Install 2 x double socket plugs (supply feed to come from back to back plug thru wall into new plug socket nr 1, and extend +/- 1.5m to 2nd new plug socket) Install 1 x light switch (3 x lever) Install 1 x new light fitting inside built in braai (with +/- 1.5m silicone wire to light switch) Wire and connect to existing connector box (+/- 6m wire) - with power supply already available in connector box for lights.