Top 10 Fence Pros Pretoria, 2021

4.0 | 1 review
Sinoville Fencing, Pretoria
I managed to get wire meshes at Sinoville Fencing, Pretoria. Was very much satisfied!

Services: concrete fence, electric fence, razor wire fence, picket fence, barbed wire fence, plastic fencing, pool fence, fences, wire mesh fence, garden fence, palisade fencing, metal fence, wood fence

5.0 | 1 review
Frawie Trading & Projects, Asiatic Bazaar
I was very pleased with Frawie Trading & Projects. Recommend!
Eugenia Iturralde

Services: razor wire fence, plastic fencing, electric fence, wood fence, metal fence, barbed wire fence, palisade fencing, fences, wire mesh fence, garden fence, pool fence, concrete fence, picket fence

5.0 | 1 review
Glamada Trading 30cc, Lotus Gardens
They made my life easier because I didn't struggle to get an architect. They were so quick and the price was within budget. I would definitely recommend them.
Altar Shongwe

Services: burglar bars, blocked drains, geyser installation and repair, house extension, sliding security gate, weed control, vegetable garden design, interior painting, electric fence, electrical companies, palisade fencing, garden irrigation, gardeners, tree pruning, electricians, electrical installation

5.0 | 1 review
Bright Solutions, Clayville
We were really well-met with the solution from Bright Solutions! Fantastic job!

Services: garage door repair, sliding security gate, turnstile gate, wooden garage doors, security gates, swing gate, sectional garage doors, roll up garage doors, electric gate, garden gate, palisade gates, aluminium garage doors, pedestrian gate, automatic garage doors, glass garage doors, roller garage doors

We were really, really happy with ENERST T and will definitely work with them again. The fence was done quick, quality and without hassle.
Nicolette Rosselli
Customers' Choice

Services: wooden gates, palisade gates, aluminium carport, shadeports, burglar bars, barbed wire fence, garden gate, sliding security gate, pool fence, razor wire fence, swing gate, cantilever carport, steel gate, electric gate, plastic fencing, metal fence

5.0 | 1 review
MainCon PSM, Lonehill
Maincon PSM was prompt, I gave him all the specifications of what I wanted, I received everything in time he was just good. I love his job! My door looks beautiful!
Joseph Mabaso

Services: aluminium garage doors, roll up garage doors, electric fence, sectional garage doors, access control, barbed wire fence, steel garage doors, automatic garage doors, alarm systems, fences, gate automation, garden fence, concrete fence, metal fence, home security systems, glass garage doors

5.0 | 2 reviews
They were great!
Claire Kourie
Years on
the market

Services: electric fence, plastic fencing, concrete fence, wire mesh fence, picket fence, fences, wood fence, metal fence, pool fence, barbed wire fence, palisade fencing, razor wire fence, garden fence

5.0 | 1 review
De-Fence Fencing products, Dainfern
Speed of response and multiple suppliers to get quotes from. We choose De-Fence, they were great!
Linda Mashigo

Services: picket fence, wire mesh fence, garden fence, fences, metal fence, barbed wire fence, plastic fencing, palisade fencing, concrete fence, electric fence, pool fence, razor wire fence, wood fence

5.0 | 1 review
CCT TRADING, Hurlyvale
He contacted me straight away, he was very eager to come, he is very knowledgeable. I am very satisfied!
Monika Cramer

Services: swing gate, palisade gates, garden fence, surveillance cameras, driveway gates, burglar bars, concrete fence, plastic fencing, electric fence, alarm systems, fences, cctv cameras, gate automation, garden gate, electric gate, security doors

5.0 | 1 review
Palisade Fencing Pros, Kya Sand
Listening ear and helpful Quick response
emily mabuya

Services: wood fence, electric fence, concrete fence, barbed wire fence, plastic fencing, picket fence, fences, pool fence, metal fence, palisade fencing, garden fence, wire mesh fence, razor wire fence

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