Customer reviews

5.0 / 5
New landscaping project
Ruth S., Mpumalanga
I was able to compare 5 quotes for a garden irrigation system, all from companies in my area, and was quite surprised by the acceptable price range. In the end, price didn't impact my final decision, I chose the company that seemed the most professional and had good references :) My experience was excellent and I can only recommend this service to all future users.
4.5 / 5
New landscaping project
Andre K., Carletonville
With your help I already found a garden paving pro last year, and now I also found a garden irrigation provider. The crew was prompt and professional. Great experience!
5.0 / 5
New landscaping project
Gregory M., Westonaria
Excellent experience. I received 6 quotes for a garden irrigation system within 3 days. Prices were similar, at the end I chose the contractor with best references. The job was done timely and without incident. Very pleased with everything, from start to finish.
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