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THEMBISA D. , 1 years ago

We needed much help with the remodelling of the house. We've added a storey, extended the lounge, and many other small works. IDM SOLUTIONS were the best solution for us - we managed to do everything!


Melanie O. , 1 years ago

I recvd a consult from HeinrichB, IDM Solutions and what an amazing person. I immediately felt very comfortable liaising with him and laying out my dream house. He was capable of putting my vision into perspective as if I could touch it already. The fact that he is a one stop shop and I don't have to shop around to get quotes for everything else that goes with building renovations is just amazing. He has tons of patience and didn't rush through anything taking his time and explaining everything to me thoroughly as this is my first time doing this I can honestly say, if everything goes according to plan I am super happy handing my dreams over to become a reality to this gentleman and his company. Great start sir. Very pleasant and professional guy. I would personally recommend him to friends and family in the future.

Nithubg exceptional service

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JDM Alarms

1 review
Mathilda M. , 1 months ago

Very efficient and the way they communicated with me was amazing. They were very neat! Keep up the good work JDM Alarms!

Thank you Mathilda, it was great being able to assist you. Regards Ryan, JDM Alarms

Verified Pro

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Qest Security

0 reviews

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Frequently asked questions

  • What should I take into consideration when choosing property gates?

    Before deciding on a gate, you should think about the style of your home exterior, about the type of the door that will suit you best (sliding or swing gates), about the property size (so you can choose the right size), about maintenance you are willing to do and, lastly, about your budget.

  • Should a gate open in or out?

    It is usual for gates to open inwards. In some cases, it is even illegal for gates to open outwards, into public property.

  • What happens to automatic gates when the power is out?

    Most automatic/electric driveway gates are installed with an emergency manual override feature that will provide you with a way to open your gates in the case of power cut.

  • Why should I have an electric gate?

    Electric gate enhances security of your home, protects your children and pets from getting out and increases the value of your home. It also saves you the time and effort from getting out of your car every time you wish to open the gate.

  • Are automatic gates secure when closed?

    Automatic gates should be secure when closed, but it depends on type of the gate. You can increase the security og the gates by using supplementary locks on top of standard operator locking.

  • Can automatic gates close on a car or a person?

    With the correct positioning of sensors the possibility of gates closing on a car or a person are negligible. Moreover, most automatic gates providers have an inbuilt safety feature that will prevent doors closing if it detects too much pressure.

  • What happens with automatic gates during a power cut?

    Most gates have a manual release which unlocks the gate and allows it to be pushed open.