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Gate Motor Experts

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Khonzi E. , 25 days ago

Getting responses was gud from GATE MOTOR EXPERTS.

Services: electric fence, garage door repair, alarm systems, garage doors, plastic fencing, wire mesh fence, metal fence, fences, aluminium garage doors, cctv cameras, garage door installation, barbed wire fence, security camera, surveillance cameras, double garage doors, glass garage doors.

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Rankin & Sons

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Bongi , 11 months ago

It's been a job well done, thank you so much for connecting me to this gentleman, he rendered the service outstandingly.

Services: electricians, security doors, burglar bars, electrical contractors, pedestrian gate, emergency electrician, security gates, steel gate, metal gates, electrical wiring, sliding driveway gate, electrical companies, turnstile gate, electric gate, house wiring, swing gate.

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Makumba Projects

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Services: window installers, steel windows, burglar bars, windows, security doors, electric gate, aluminium windows, wooden gates, wooden windows, pedestrian gate, garage door installation, glass garage doors, steel gate, aluminium windows and doors, security gates, windows professionals.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Should I buy insulated or non-insulated garage doors?

    Insulated garage doors have many advantages: they save energy, they are more durable, quieter and they protect your car and belongings better. It is especially advisable to get insulated garage doors if your garage is attached to your house.

  • How do I know what size of garage doors I need?

    First, measure the width of the opening at the widest point. Next, measure the height of the opening at the highest point. Then, you need to measure the width of the areas beside the openings, the area between the top of the door opening and the ceiling and finally, measure the distance from the opening to the rear of the garage or nearest obstruction. You should also note if there are any lights, pipes, ductwork or anything else in the way.

  • How should I maintain my garage doors?

    We suggest you do a visual inspection of your garage doors regularly - see if everything is in place and works as it should. If there are any loose hardware, tighten them. Every six months, apply a small amount of spray lubricant to the door’s hinges, rollers and tracks. If you have a wooden door, you should apply wood oil to your garage doors once a year.

  • Why should I invest in glass garage doors?

    Glass garage doors are decay, moisture, rot, and insect resistant, so you don’t have to worry about fixing or replacing them frequently.

  • How do you maintain glass garage doors?

    Glass garage doors are extremely low-maintenance and easy to clean. Simply polish the glass panels with a glass cleaner and towel like you would any other window.