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R&E Steel

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Services: garden gate, wire mesh fence, driveway paving, paving contractors, wooden gates, pedestrian gate, metal fence, metal gates, paving, sliding security gate, pool fence, security doors, security gates, swing gate, gates, plastic fencing.

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Services: driveway paving, paving companies, block paving, paving contractors, paving.

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Gavin Marais Paving

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Services: driveway paving, paving contractors, paving companies, paving, block paving.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Is it cheaper to concrete or to pave your driveway?

    Concreting and paving can both make big differences to your space. They each come with their own sets of pros and cons, so your decision shouldn’t be based on price alone. Standard concrete slabs are generally cheaper per square meter; however, the long term costs for repairs and replacements often exceed the initial savings in upfront costs.

  • How to prepare the ground for paving?

    You can’t lay pavers directly on dirt, so there’s a little more to the job than simply laying some stones onto the ground. Preparing the ground properly will prevent sinks and cracks from appearing in the surfaces later on, and it will also prevent the growth of weeds between the pavers. Prep-work for paving usually involves measuring the area to be paved and laying out a thin layer of road base evenly over the entire area (this can be done with a shovel or a levelling rake). After this, the surface is dampened with water and – with the help of a plate compactor – is compacted to a depth of about 10mm. Once this has been completed, sand can be laid and leveled over the surface and the area is ready to be paved.

  • How long do I have to wait before I can drive on a paved road?

    Unlike many other driveway applications, such as asphalt or concrete, once the pavers are compacted and sanded, you can immediately drive on them. Asphalt and concrete have to set and cure before you can use them.