We've checked how much you'll pay on average for a sliding door. The final prices depends on different factors, which are outlined below. Location is also an important factor.

Wooden sliding door — 1800 mm
Average cost R9000
Cost range R6000R12,000

This is the price for a 1800 mm wooden frame sliding patio door. Wooden sliding doors are a traditional option bringing warmth and beauty to your home, all while providing exceptional energy and thermal efficiency. The final price of the timber sliding patio door will depend on the design, chosen wood, the sliding and locking mechanism. For a wooden sliding door, expect to pay between R6000 and R12,000.

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Aluminium sliding door — 1800 mm
Average cost R3000
Cost range R2000R4000

Aluminium sliding doors are an alternative to wooden doors, providing you with an extremely durable door. Aluminium is very light weight and has a very high level of stability, which enables very narrow profiles for a modern look with large glass surfaces. This is the price for an 1800 mm aluminium sliding door. The final price will largely depend on the chosen profiles and opening/closing mechanism. The average cost is usually R3000.

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