How much will truck hire cost you?

Below you will find a detailed breakdown of truck hire prices, together with descriptions what is included in the price and other necessary information that will help you make the best possible decision.

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Truck hire
Average cost R550 / day
Cost range R300R800 / day

This is the price for a daily truck hire. The final price will depend on the size of the hired truck and the distance covered (additional costs may apply for long-distance moves). On average, expect to be charged between R300 / day and R800 / day for truck hire.

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Recent jobs for truck hire

City or suburb are you moving from: Mutorashanga, Mashonaland West (Zimbabwe)
City or suburb are you moving to: City Deep (Johannesburg)
How far are you moving?: International
Will movers need to use staircases?: No
Estimated moving date: Within a month
Good Morning I have been urgently tasked by my client to look for side tippers to ferry Chrome Ore from a mine in Mutorashanga, Mashonaland West (Zimbabwe) across the border to City Deep (Johannesburg). The contract will be for a year, and approximately 20 tippers are needed per each given month to move about tonnes. Please can you advice on your rates coupled with your terms and conditions. Best Regards