1.0 / 5
Ntiyiso M. - 15 days ago
They did waterproofing, and it wasn't done at all. We had to hire another provider and ended paying double for the job. Bad experience.
5.0 / 5
M M. - 6 months ago
They are quick and sufficient

Request examples

Ilitha Park
City (or suburb) where you need the service: Ilitha Park khayelitsha
Type of repair: Other
Separation of my sewerage pipe from the neighbors' sewerage pipe as I always have drain blockage whilst I'm not suppose to because I'm mostly not around and things that comes out from the drain she agrees that are from her side, she's got more than 15 foreign tenants I have none but I'm the one suffering
City or suburb: Walmer, Port Elizabeth
Areas in need of repair or installation: Socket outlets
Install 2 x double socket plugs (supply feed to come from back to back plug thru wall into new plug socket nr 1, and extend +/- 1.5m to 2nd new plug socket) Install 1 x light switch (3 x lever) Install 1 x new light fitting inside built in braai (with +/- 1.5m silicone wire to light switch) Wire and connect to existing connector box (+/- 6m wire) - with power supply already available in connector box for lights.
Hout Bay
City or suburb: Hout Bay
In summary the main specs are: a. 34 x wiring to new lights (mostly downlighters, some external wall mounted) b. 16x wiring to plug points (std double plug) c. 1x oven Isolator, wiring 32 amps d. 1x hob isolator 20amps d. 3x air con points, isolator 15 amps e. 7x switch points f. 6 x switch points 2-way g. "making good" on and integration of existing My own diagram of the job, if this might be useful for the purpose of quoting.
City (or suburb) where you need the service: Meyerton
Type of repair: Drain repair, Pipe repair, Toilet repair
-replacing shower frame (the doors dont open and close properly so they say the frame needs replacing.. or whatever can be done for doors to open and close). - unblock toilet( note it's not outside drains that has a problem ..all other drains are fine, just toilet). -leaking shower copper pipe on roof. PLEASE CONTACT ME VIA EMAIL ONLY, I CAN'T TAKE CALLS AT WORK
City or suburb: BRACKENFELL
Areas in need of maintenance: Electrical wiring, DB box or circuit breaker panel, Socket outlets, Lighting, Heating/ventilation/cooling, Door entry/access control, Electrical garage door/gate/fence, Other / I don't know
I am Nduba-Israel Mukendi, I am an Electrical Engineer with my degrees in Electrical Engineering. I have an enthusiastic and dedicated electrical engineer, who enjoys being part of, as well as leading, a successful and productive team. Quick to grasp new ideas and concepts, and to develop innovative and creative solutions to problems. Able to work well on own initiative and can demonstrate the high levels of motivation required to meet the tightest of deadlines. Even under significant pressure, possesses a strong ability to perform effectively.
City or suburb: Bloemfontein
I need electrician to install a backup power system on a house. All components: batteries, inverters, wires, connectors ect will be supplied. The batteries and inverters will be installed in the garage of the house, power will run from the main db board to the inverter to charge the batteries, then back out from the batteries to the inverter to the db board into the house. When power to the house from the municipal main line cuts out the power from the batteries will kick in and power the house. Expectations: clean and maintainable job needs to be done, the work will be inspected afterward and any necessary changes will have to be made, safe and maintainable work is of priority.
City (or suburb) where you need the service: Kwamhlanga, Bronkhorstspruit
Type of repair: Other
Its a project which i will need to sub contract proper company that does sewer and plumbing manatainance service since i have quite few projects panel sometimes I'm tasked to do or produce RFQ within panel projects won already. See attachment of shot BOQ I have sent Quote with Company letter head and contacts so that when ever I have I don't want to struggle
Rowallan Park
City (or suburb) where you need the service: Rowallan Park, Port Elizabeth
Type of repair: Sink or faucet repair
Hi, can you please supply me with a quote. My bathtub pop up came out now using a normal plug, secondly a hairpin got stuck in the sink and now the pop up plug won't come back up, thirdly my toilet after filling up the water continues to drip into the toilet, but now it is much more than dripping, I tried closing the water supply to the toilet, but even fully closed it keeps on running. Can you please help with a quote, thank you. You can email me at the email address above.
City or suburb where you need the service: Kaya Miki Adelaide Street Rustenburg
Type of service: Other
Estimated project start: 1–3 months
I have a litres of jojo slimline tank . I wanna connect water from the main water supply into jojo and from jojo into the house. I don’t know if the same pressure pump that is currently connected will work or should I buy one. I need a job to be done by professionals/ you don’t wanna take chances. So I need to know how much can be expected from me for the job to be done.
City or suburb where you need the service: Taybank
Type of service: Toilet installation or replacement, Piping installation or replacement, Shower or bathtub installation or replacement, Sink or faucet installation or replacement
Estimated project start: Within a month
1 I need to renovate my bathroom, all the sanitary ware is to be replaced as it is old and an undesirable colour. (Sink & faucet, Toilet, Bathtub with taps) 2 There is also a kitchen sink that needs to be replaced, and two taps for laundry that needs to be lowered slightly (20cm downwards). in the same position but just a bit lower so that the taps are underneath the kitchen counter.