Request examples

City or suburb: Pretoria
What do you need?: New website
What type of website do you need?: Business website
How many web pages do you want your website to include?: One pager
I want an admin web page that is interfaced to a database. This database will have registered users, these users perform a fleet inspection on an android phone (this I will do myself) and updates onto the database. The admin web app will use this data to display a dashboard of the fleet inspection results, it will show the users and inspections by user or by vehicle. The admin web app should also have an interface to register users with their job designation.
City or suburb: Brackenfell
What do you need?: New e-commerce website
How many products do you want to showcase?: Up to 10
I Need a website like a Business Card site. Clients join site via password and enter their business details on website and then they generate a QR-Code, which they have printed on their business card(s). Their clients can then scan their QR-Code on their business card with the camera on their smart phones, which will take them to the business/company/person's information page.

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