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City or suburb: Umtata
Property type: Commercial or industrial building
Estimated project start: Within a month
We are removing the old scatting and putting a new one (waterproof) in two parking decks and 55 pillars. The scatting is.. 1 ,4 metres long 3,5 metres wide in the parking decks Pillars 1 metres long 3,5 metres wide Old expansion joints to be removed with new watertight sealant. They must be re- tarred and waterproofed over the new sealant X6 x 7 metres X1 x 23,3 metres Grids X4 x 1,4 metres long and metres wide Drains (replacement of old drain covers with steel drain covers)... X47 Reinstate full bore drains (blanked with concrete and install new drainage pipe and new full- bore drain X7 Waterproof of skylight and replacement 6 cracked glasses X6 glasses x 1,8 metres x 1 metre Waterproof the whole pump house, walls and floors 11,2 metres x 2 metres
Roofing, Roofing
City or suburb: Lorraine
Property type: Housing complex
Approx. size of the roof (sqm): 0–100 sqm
Is your roof sloped or flat?: Sloped
Desired roofing material: Metal sheeting
Estimated project start: Within a month
Garage roof is rusted through in spots, leading to water leaking through, damaging garage wall and door (see pics). Part or all of the garage roof may need replacement. Original roof is galvanised mild steel. Floor size of garage is 32m2, so roof is slightly larger than that. Roof is only slightly sloped (see pic).

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