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Sebokeng Zone
City or suburb: Sebokeng zone 14
Property type: Residential home
Estimated project start: Within a month
Where do you need the guard(s)? House/flat Residential complex Commercial or industrial property Farm Event Bodyguard/security escorti have few roof tile that shifted from original set up, now I'm experiencing leak form the roof, first hole in the garage second hole between sitting room and bedroom third hole in the room at the back of the garage, my ceiling is damage. so I need someone who is going to fix the holes and paint the roof
City or suburb: Fontainebleau
Property type: Residential home
Approx. size of the roof (sqm): 100–200 sqm
Is your roof sloped or flat?: Sloped
Desired roofing material: I need advice
Estimated project start: Within a month
Good morning, I need roof replaced. It has leaked endlessly, and none of the contractors who have patched it have succeeded in keeping it from leaking. We have patched every year, and every heavy rain comes right in. Recently, I requested re-roofing quotes from a number of contractors, and every single one refused to quote on re-roofing and quoted instead on torch-on and other patchwork solutions (which I explicitly asked not to receive). Please do not do this when you quote me! I find it disrespectful. I know that the problem is predominantly at the pitch change where the gradient becomes shallower. It is a construction flaw, as there is little to no overlap, and there is no flashing under the ridge. A look at any construction manual will make the issue crystal clear. Rather than re-roofing, I would now like a quote on changing the design of the roof. Ideally, I would like to raise the height of the roof to accomodate a single pitch from the apex to the eaves. I know that this requires an architect's involvement. The increased pitch should also accomodate an attic under the apex, so the apex height will need to go up at least 1m. The parapet walls will need to be knocked off to allow for this. Steel trusses may be needed instead of wood, but I am open to suggestions. I am a teacher, so this needs to be a cost-effective solution. I am not looking for a fancy loft, just an attic, and it does not need to cover the entire roof space, only the centre of the room. See attached floor plans. My first thought for roof material is pre-painted green IBR sheets, cut to the exact length, but if thatch, shingle or tile, for example, is more cost effective, I am open to advice. PLEASE DO NOT CALL, as I am in Uzbekistan. Email is fine. Regards,

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