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3 reviews

3 reviews for Torquenathi Trading Enterprise Pty Ltd

Customer reviews

Sipho N. , 11 months ago

Torquenathi Trading Enterprise did our CoC, would point out their promptness and the follow up. Excellent service and assistance.

We thank you for your surport

L E. T. , 10 months ago

We had 15 houses to do. We got a good price from Mandla, but he was really not professional. He was saying that there were faults where there weren't. They were really sly with the project. The price was obviously too good to be true.

Good day Sir We could not certify your work yes, with all due respect as our clients, we are not compromising standards for the sake of just getting cash. We wish you all luck with those who are certifying substandard work. You didn't even pay for the services as well.

Mandla from Torquenathi Trading Enterprise did a super job for CoC.

Services: House wiring, Electrical contractors, Electricians, Electrical companies, Electrical certificate of compliance, Electrical installation, Electrical repair, Emergency electrician, Electrical wiring

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Home wiring/rewiring

  • City or suburb: Ingogo, Newcastle

Wiring of a section of a house. The section will have 2 DB's, 2 geysers, a kitchen, 3 bedrooms all with en-suites, 6 other rooms. There rest of the house will be done at a later stage. Please provide material with labor quote and labor only quote. Please include the price for chasing of wall and conduit installation.

Repairs and installations

  • City or suburb: Sunnyside, Pretoria
  • Areas in need of repair or installation: Electrical wiring, Lighting

Senior Phase LED Lights: 39 maintenance; 8 new installations 6 Bulbs removal and replacement 13 Disco-light bulbs replacement 1 Floodlight installation 2 Garden pole lamps replacement Foundation Phase LED Lights: 13 replacement; 2 new installation 3 Floodlights installation 1 New plug point 2 repositioning of existing lights I also need a COC

Repairs and installations

  • City or suburb: Mount Edgecombe
  • Areas in need of repair or installation: DB box or circuit breaker panel

My geyser switch keeps tripping on the DB board. We live in a complex so I contacted the body corporate that sent an electrician and said the thermostat was faulty. The electrician replaced the thermostat but the problem still persists. Not sure what else the issue could be. Please advise how much it would cost to repair?

Home wiring/rewiring

  • City or suburb: East London

Garage installation 1. Small DB(E/L plus two c/b 20A and 10A) 2. 20mm pvc conduit (3) 3. 20mm 90 degree bends (5) 4. 20mm hospital saddles (10) 5. 20mm male adaptors (6) 6. 20mm couplers (3) 7. 20mm 3way junction box (3) 8. 1.5 led double fitting (1) 9. 4X4 surface mount box (2) 10. 4X4 single plug (2) 11. 4X2 surface mount box (2) 12. 4X2 two-way switch (1) 13. 4X2 double switch, one-way and two-way (1) 14. 20watt led flood light (2) Please quote me on the above-mentioned items supply plus installation Please call me for more info.

Repairs and installations

  • City or suburb: pretoria
  • Areas in need of repair or installation: Electrical wiring, DB box or circuit breaker panel, Socket outlets, Lighting

want to know how much a new db will cost me with 2 x20amp circuit breaker and 1x10 amp circuit breakers ,40 A man circuitbreaker and one earth leakage ,to new led lights in bathroom amd bedroom . and one lightswitch for bathroom with its extetion box as it is old steel ones ,,how mich will it cost to supply and rewire db again .its only this beacuse its a outside builder at the back of my house

Repairs and installations

  • City or suburb: Kibler Park, Johannesburg
  • Areas in need of repair or installation: Electrical wiring, DB box or circuit breaker panel, Socket outlets, Lighting, Prepaid electricity meter, Heating/ventilation/cooling, Door entry/access control, Electrical garage door/gate/fence, Other / I don't know

Looking for a certified electrical contractor for a new construction project. From initial City Power application to final sign off. (Labour only) Project is 18 Units. 9ground floor units and 9 first floor units in one block. 2 bedrooms/Unit. Units about 42 sqm Rough estimate per unit is as follows * 10 plug points * 7 light sockets * 5 light switches * 1 DB board * 1 Stove switch Perimeter lighting points and access gate electrification

Home wiring/rewiring

  • City or suburb: Sunnyside, Pretoria

It is a 1 and a half bedroom flat. I would like an evaluation done on the wiring in the kitchen specifically. A certain plug trips the Earth Leakage constantly and I'm concerned that the wiring might not be safe anymore. Also the ceiling light in the kitchen has stopped working. Replacing the bulb with a new one did not fix the issue.

Home wiring/rewiring

  • City or suburb: Newcastle

I have block of flat Project requiring new Single phase installation. Take one apartment would have: ●6× Lighting points ●2× Double socket outlets ●7× Single socket outlets ● 1× × Single phase DB ●1× Stove circuit ●3× Bulkhead outdoor light in day/night switch Installation type: flush mount installation

Home wiring/rewiring

  • City or suburb: Malmesbury

2 Bedroom House that requires wiring. Open plan kitchen to the lounge area, 1 bathroom, 2 bedrooms and future balcony. DB box installed, however the electricity meter in the bedroom needs to move to the DB Box in the kitchen. I would also need a COC. This is a newly build houseon a square meter plot.

Home wiring/rewiring

  • City or suburb: Tzaneen

MEBP it offers different services category base on electrical and building such as follows: services: installations Commercial wiring Industrial wiring Commercial & Industrial re-wiring Maintenance Testing Repairs damaged Fault Finding Geyser installation Stove installation services: 🏢 Renovation Painting Fitting ceilings Fitting Floor Tiles