5 reasons why you should hire an architect for remodelling

5 reasons why you should hire an architect for remodelling

If you are asking yourself whether you should hire an architect when remodelling your home the short answer is yes. Your home is an investment, not only when realising its value while selling, but also to building the ideal environment for your family’s well being.

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The short answer aside, if you break it down, there are a host of other reasons confirming that hiring an architect is the superior choice.

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1. Hiring an architect will save you money

If you're flirting with the idea of not seeking the help of an architecture firm, it's most likely because you want to save money. Because when you consider hiring an architecture firm, your first thought will be the price. But foregoing an architect will instantly prove to be the costlier option. Because the more you skimp during the planning phase, the more likely you will have to pay to fix – otherwise avoidable – building challenges.

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2. Your remodelling will make sense

For a remodel to be successful, the outcome needs to be functional and add value to the original design. If you have recently toured a remodelled home or stayed in a remodelled Airbnb, you may have noticed that the residence doesn’t make sense; there’s no flow, and the design almost seems like an afterthought. This is because when you're remodelling your home plenty of the original structure remains the same, If not planned correctly, all the upgrades and changes will detract from the original design, eventually leaving you with this strange middle ground of old home and new home. To avoid this, an architect will consider your current design so that the new designs are complementary and add value to the original structure.

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3. You won't have to worry about the legal stuff

To comply with the legalities of remodelling, you have to have a registered draughtsman or architect create plans for the renovation or remodelling. In comparison to a draughtsman, an architect is far more thorough, only approving a design once you're happy with the outcome. Besides, they'll go into detail about how the builder should build what they've designed.

4. You will be able to sell your home for more

While a home is an investment, at some point it will realise its value through a sale. At this time a potential buyer will scrutinise your changes. Serious prospective buyers won't be interested in a fresh coat of paint and landscaping but rather what renovations – if any – have been made to determine how valuable those renovations are. Having an architecture firm's plans as opposed to a draughtsman's displays to the buyer that your home is a priority and ensures they’re not purchasing a money-pit.

5. Your day-to-day life will be better

All these considerations aside, think about why you want to remodel your home. You likely want to enhance your family's day-to-day life, and therefore, it's better to hire an architect than being stuck with a mediocre design that becomes a pain to upkeep.

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