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5 / 5
New building
Brian L., Johannesburg
It's not easy to find a good architect for reasonable price. Thanks to your site, I found exactly who I was looking for :) Mr Wilson completed his job professionally, all documentation went through smoothly. We already agreed that he'd also prepare an interior design project for me, before we move into our new house.
5 / 5
New building
Mark R., Pretoria
Thanks for your help! All five architects that you recommended contacted me in 1 - 2 days after my request, I was really surprised by their response. I'm very satisfied with selected architect, he found some very good solutions for my project. I'll definitely use your site again!
5 / 5
Interior design
Martha A., Kroonstad
My husband and I hired Laura, because she had the best references and presented the best quote. And we're very glad to have found her among your recommended architects, she's a warm person and also a true professional. She visited our home several times, presented more than 5 versions of interior design project and had a lot of great ideas and solutions. Laura, thanks again for your great work! Also a big thank you to procompare team.
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