12 steps to make sure your electric fence will keep intruders out

12 steps to make sure your electric fence will keep intruders out

Follow these 12 steps to ensure your electric fence is working properly and keeping animals and intruders out.

1. Regularly perform maintenance works

Clear the fence of all vegetation and debris that could lower the effectiveness of the fence, tighten wires that are visibly slackened and fix all broken parts of the fence.

2. Install an alarm and cameras

Install sensor beams which will set off an alarm and cameras. This scares off intruders when triggered and serves as an early warning signal.

CCTV with electrical fence for better security.

3. Use strong materials

Use sturdy bars and strong materials when building and replacing elements of the fence so that it will be physically impossible to get through the fence.

4. Install an L-shaped footer

An L-shaped footer made of galvanised, welded wire mesh underneath the fence prevents animals from digging under your electric fence. A board can also be buried in the ground under the fence to leave no space for animals to dig.

5. Use an adequate energiser

An inadequate fence charger makes your fence wimpy and looks like a joke. With one bite, animals can get right through.

6. Use a voltmeter

From time to time, use a voltmeter to test if electricity is still flowing through your fence.

7. Consult a professional for help

Installing an electric fence is not appropriate for a DIY project. You need a professional to tell you what kind of equipment to use to make your fence secure. Pros will also ensure your electric fence is working properly and safely.

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8. Use anti-climbing spikes

Anti-climbing spikes are designed to deter rather than injure. An intruder can't get on top of the fence without getting hurt, so it discourages them from trying.

9. Apply fence rails

If your electric fence has rails, make sure they are inside the fence to stop intruders from using them as a foothold to climb the fence.

10. Employ trellis and plant thorny plants

Trellis in front of your gate will deter intruders. They break under their weight if intruders use them as support while climbing. Adding thorny plants give intruders cuts while climbing. A dog is useful in case an intruder makes it over your fence.

11. Use anti-climb paint

Anti-climb paint is a non-drying petroleum gel-based paint. It usually has a slippery finish to make it hard to climb a surface. It's quite hard to notice it since it's black. It is not advisable to put it on fences less than 2.4m in height to avoid innocent person's getting covered in the substance.

12. Set warning signs

Electric fences can be pretty dangerous. Putting up a warning sign educates people and your neighbours about the dangers and prevents them from breaching your electric fence.

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