Avoid making these mistakes for a safer electric fence

Avoid making these mistakes for a safer electric fence


Touch an electric fence

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Touching an electric fence can be painful. You can get fatally shocked if your head or neck comes in contact with an electric fence.

Walk through an electric fence

If you want to get to the other side of an electric fence, walk around it. Trying to walk through or climb over it is a bad idea since you may get entangled or shocked.

Electrify barbed or razor wire

If a person gets entangled in an electric fence with barb wire, they may die due to excessive shock exposure. Also, razors or barb wire can cause serious physical injury to persons and animals alike.

Use invisible wires

Small wires are sometimes difficult to see, especially in the evenings, and people/animals may get injured stepping right into the fence.

Build an electric fence around a confined space

The problem with building an electric fence around a confined area is that it increases the chances of animals getting injured by the electric fence.

Attach more than one energiser to a fence

Energisers are designed to put enough space between pulses that someone who accidentally touches the fence is able to let go easily. Several chargers, however, would have pulses so close together that it would be harder to release.

Install fences parallel to power lines

Running an electrical fence parallel to power lines may induce a dangerously high voltage on the fence. Always try to install fences so that they cross power lines at right angles.

Yellow qarning sign for electric fence.


Educate others

Electric fences are powered by up to 9900 volts of voltage. While it is not fatal, it can shock and injure those around you. Therefore, educate your family, friends, and neighbours about the risks associated with electric fences.

Place warning signs

Warning signs are essential, especially if you have an electric fence by a road or some other place with public access. Use bright colours and make the characters bold so that passersby will avoid the fence.

Keep fences and energisers away from combustible materials

Electric wires can sometimes produce sparks that can ignite a fire. Operate energizers on low power whenever possible.

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