Different types of security fences: Palisade, electric or razor wire?

There are many type of fencing available in South Africa. Many of these are for decorative purposes, while others are used to increase security. While there are virtually endless varieties available for decoration, in this article we’ll focus on a number of types of fencing that are mainly used for perimeter protection.

How to choose the right type of fence for me?

Advantages and disadvantages of different types of fences

Type of Fence Advantages Disadvantages
Wrought iron fence
  • Long lasting and durable
  • Decorative with many designs to choose from
  • Needs regular maintenance
  • Not very secure as perimeter protection
  • Relatively expensive
Palisade fence
  • Anti-cut which makes it difficult to break through
  • Affordable, especially for large projects
  • Highly durable
  • Bars can be separated to allow for a small gap
  • Not very difficult to climb
  • Installation holes not very deep, making it possible to topple fence
Clear view fence
  • Anti-cut which makes it difficult to break through
  • Anti-climb
  • CCTV optimized
  • Installed in 3m pocket holes, making it virtually impossible to topple fence
  • Relatively expensive
Vinyl fence
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Easy to maintain and keep clean
  • Provides virtually no security
Electric fence
  • Provides additional active security
  • Virtually no infrastructure changes required
  • Although cost is relatively low, it has to be added to cost of existing fence
Razor wire fence
  • Provides additional security on top of existing structure
  • Relatively low cost

What kind of fence is the safest?

Wrought iron fence

Wrought iron fence, Pixabay

This fence is normally found around farm areas and animal enclosures. Although they are extremely sturdy and durable, they don’t provide much protection and are more used to keep things in rather than out. Wrought iron fences can however last for decades and can be restored via hand-scraping and painting.

Palisade fence

Palisade fence, author: Albert Bridge(Creative Commons)

Palisade fencing is very sturdy and is often used around large properties such as schools. This fence consists of vertical metal slats that are evenly spaced and often have pointed tips to make climbing over them difficult.

Clear view fence

Clear view fence, author: Simon Maage(Unsplash)

Clear view fencing comes in many different colours and provides a great visual aesthetic as well as being virtually impossible to topple.

Vinyl fence

Vinyl fence, Pixabay)

Vinyl fences come in a wide variety of different colours and sizes, making them very attractive for most home-owners. In terms of providing security however, they are not really effective as it is very easy to get over or even through these fences.

Electric fence

Electric fence, Wikimedia Commons

Normal fences only provide physical barriers to entry. Electric fences are used to add an active layer with virtually no infrastructure changes. Sensors on the wires provide intrusion alarms while the fence also acts as an extra deterrent via an electrical shock.

Razor wire fence

Razor wire

Like electric fencing, razor wire fencing can be added to existing walls and fences to provide an extra layer of security, or can be installed as a standalone fence. Razor wire fence is manufactured in different forms suitable for various applications.

How much does a fence cost?