How much does it cost to repair a fence in South Africa?

How much does it cost to repair a fence in South Africa?

When you install a new fence it will look good, but over time, it will start to deteriorate and may even start to look shabby. How long it takes before this happens will depend on the type of fence you installed and the materials used in its construction. Fences can however generally be repaired, irrespective of which materials the fence is made from.

Before professionals will be able to give you an accurate quote on repairing your fence, they will need to know what type of fence you have, and what exactly has been damaged or needs to be repaired.

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In South Africa, the labour cost for repairing a fence will on average be between R600.00 and R800.00, assuming 3 to 4 hours of work.

This total repair cost will however depend on the size, type, and length of the section of the fencing that needs to be repaired.

Factors that influence fence repair costs

Fences can be damaged in numerous different ways and the cost of repairing a fence will be determined by a combination of several different factors. The main factors that affect the cost of repairing a fence include:

  • The severity of the damage to the fence
  • The type of damage done to the fence
  • Materials used in the construction of the fence
  • How the original fence was painted or treated
  • The amount of labour and time needed for the repair
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Fencing Repair Types

The different types of fence repairs each come with their own price tag. Simple repairs that require minimal material and labour will cost less than more complex and time-consuming repairs.

Wood fence needs repairing.

Rotten wood – If your wooden fence starts rotting, it’s best to start repairing the problem as soon as possible before the rot spreads any further. It is possible to sand wood to remove the rot and then treat it to prevent further rotting. If the damage is however more severe, you may have to replace complete sections, if not the complete fence.
Wooden fencing panels typically cost between R300 and R700 per meter, depending on the design and the height.

Fallen fence sections – It is relatively easy to replace sections of a fence that have fallen or have been knocked over accidentally. A fencing professional will however have to match and find the right materials so that they can repair the fence to look uniform. The average cost per meter installed for palisade fencing is for example R 1400, while it is R 250 for electric fences. The article How much does a fence cost provides more detail on typical cost for different types of fences.

Cracks and holes – Cracks and holes can be patched and filled, and then refinished or repainted.

Boards missing – Although missing fence boards can be replaced relatively easily, the fencing contractor will have to source matching boards. Where the missing boards are located will also determine how much labour will be needed. In some instances, the contractor may have to remove more boards rather than simply replacing one.

Gate repairs – Repairing a gate could simply involve replacing damaged hinges and latches. It may however be more complex and require a new gate to be installed, or locks to be replaced. Reinforcing gate support structures is also often required when repairing a gate.

Sagging fences – Fence sections and posts tend to start sagging over time. In most cases, the sagging section or posts are replaced and can’t be repaired.

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