How much it will cost you to paint your house

Painting your home is a significant project, and you must go into it mindful of the costs to expect. Proper awareness of what to expect will help you manage and distribute your finances efficiently. That will help you run your project as smoothly as possible.

In this article, we’ll go over the costs you can expect in your painting project, and we’ll also give you estimates to help you budget.

Costs when painting a house

Structure Factors to consider Estimate cost
Interior walls
  • Quality of paint
  • Number of coats
  • Painting techniques
Excluding material (per m2): R25 - R50

Including material (per m2): R50 - R100
Exterior walls
  • Complexity
  • Quality of paint
  • Number of coats
At 150m2 -200m2: R5000 - R15 000
  • Complexity
  • Quality of paint
  • Number of coats
  • Specialized equipment
At 150m2 -200m2: R10 000 - R15 000

Each painting project is unique and comes with its own set of challenges. That means hardly any two projects will ever have the same quoted price. You must know this, so you don’t commit to a budget only to find you didn’t account for unforeseen eventualities.

Take the utmost care to ensure you enlist a knowledgeable professional painter to help you with a project of this scale. Having an experienced professional work with you might seem like an avoidable cost when some neighbourhood guy is offering lower rates, but the professional will be more than worth it.

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Below are some reasons you should choose a professional for your project.

  1. You can be confident they have prior experience.
  2. They will do the project within the timeline and budget.
  3. You will have protections and guarantees during and after the project is completed.

How to estimate the budget for painting a house

A project on the scale of painting a house has many moving parts meaning some things might slip your mind. Remember to keep in mind these three factors that will add to the budget of your project.

What size is the house?

The size of your home will undoubtedly affect the cost of your painting project. The bigger your home is, the more work and paint to complete the project. All of this will affect the final amount you pay for the project.

How complex is the job?

The complexity of the project will also affect your project. Tasks like roof painting require specialized equipment and more experienced personnel, and as such, they will cost more than painting an interior wall. Also, painting the exterior walls of a multi-storey house will cost more than painting a standard home.

calculator and painting accessories

Each factor that adds to the complexity of your painting project will more than likely result in increased costs for your project.

Is the paint of high or low quality?

Other factors that will affect the budget of your painting project beyond the labour are the number of coats and the quality of the paint you use. Depending on whether you use high-quality paint or low-cost paint, your budget will change considerably.

High-quality will cost more initially, but they will require fewer coats to get the job right. Another factor you have to consider is the guarantees you will get and the costs you will incur to fix the paint job in the future.

Tips on how to maintain your home’s paint

Painting a home is a massive project, but it’s entirely manageable when you know what to expect. Your costs might be slightly different depending on the professional you work with and your circumstance. But, the important part is that you get a result you’re happy with for a long time to come.

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