Exterior house painting trends for 2022 you’ll love for your home

Exterior house painting trends for 2022 you’ll love for your home

Giving your home a new face is something you should be seriously considering. Besides the increased curb appeal, it’s also an incredible opportunity to change your surroundings and bring new life into it. There’s an amazing range of colors trending this year you’re sure to fall in love with. We’ve collected the best design trends to help you update your home’s exterior.

Classic white with dark accents

Dark accents house

A classic white exterior paint update with dark accents is perfect if you like to keep things simple. You can expect it’ll be the go-to option for many homeowners updating their homes this year. It’s a great choice if you’re looking for a clean, modern look that’s not bland or boring. Dark accent colours like black, blue, or green on your windows, beams, trim, and doors will break up the white and add some much-needed contrast. If it’s within your budget, updating your shingles to match your accent colour will finish off the look beautifully.

For a lover of the traditional and minimalist looks, this is the perfect combo to carry your home into this year and beyond for a lover of the traditional and minimalist looks.

Warm whites and Pale shades with light accents

Warm white house

Next on the list of trendy designs you might see bringing colour to your neighbourhood are warm whites and pale shades paired with light accents. For most, a classic white look like the one described above is a little plain. If that’s you, creamy whites, toned-down beiges, or pale blue might make more sense. These beautiful colours are what most people will be using to liven up their homes and leave behind the drab of last year.

Warm whites and pale shades are a great choice because they are calming, inviting and they draw the eye without being jarring or sticking out. Paired with light colours on the shutters or trim, your home will have an airy, breezy feel to it. If you like to live with your head in the clouds, these colours will speak to you.

Log cabin in the city

log cabin

Woodgrain features are something you can expect to see a lot in the coming years. Not entirely paint, but an absolutely on-trend design element. It will be top of the list for many people’s dream exterior design looks. If you can incorporate the natural look of wood on the exterior of your home, go for it. You can add a touch of wood to your home with your siding, beams, your door, or on your porch or landing.

Adding elements of wood to your home is a great way to embrace the earthy, natural lifestyle we seem to be adopting more and more these days. It’s also quite the touch of bold character. If you don’t think you’ll be making it out to the woods for a break this year, bringing the woods to you might be the way to go.

Slate or Navy Blue

navy blue house

Blue is a fantastic colour more and more people are embracing for their homes. And for a good reason, too, it’s very versatile, and it looks incredible when pulled off properly. Slates are very middle-of-the-range blues, whereas navy is much bolder and is at the end of the spectrum. We already discussed how you could utilise the lighter blue with soft accents above.

If you want your home to stand out and show personality, blue is the perfect colour for that. Paired with white trim all over, it is quite the thing to behold. It’ll have your home feeling some tranquil coastal vacation home all year round.

Dark Grey and Black

Dark grey house

Last on our list of exterior paint colours that’ll rule 2022 and beyond are dark grey and black. These two are not for the faint and at heart and could take some getting used to. The rise of grey and black as home exterior colours has been well underway for a while now, and it looks like it’s here to stay.

Be it charcoal grey or a full black exterior with some accents; it’s easy to see why these two colours are drawing many bold homeowners. Black and grey are amazingly cool and moody statement colours that will make your home stand out. You might get many knocks on Halloween night, but on every other day of the year, your home will be quite the sight.

These are the leading home design trends you can expect to be guiding homeowners throughout the year. Which one did you love? Whatever design you feel drawn to, you should consult a professional to help you bring your vision to life. Giving your home a facelift isn’t as simple as picking out a bucket of paint and getting to work. A professional designer and painter will help you pick out the right shades of colour, accents and help get the finish you want on your home.

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