The best interior paint colours to sell your house

Having the right interior design can make the process of selling your house go much faster.

In this article, you'll find tips on how you can strategically paint your home to inspire offers. Choosing colours that complement your furniture and decor will make your home look more appealing during your open house tours.

Best colours to use for the whole house

Ideal Colours: Gray, Beige, Greige and White

If you go with one colour throughout your entire home, neutral tones will help you make the best impression on buyers. Gray, Beige, Greige or White will make your home feel inviting without being overpowering or too imposing.

The versatility of neutral tones allows you to use them in any room, and they pair well with most furniture and decor pieces. That will make it easier for buyers to imagine how their furniture would work in the space.

Keep these three questions in mind when considering paint samples:

  • Does the colour feel warm and inviting?
  • Does the colour help buyers picture their furniture in the space?
  • Is the colour scheme common or a design preference unique to you?

Best colours by room

Sometimes, one colour throughout might seem a little boring, and so you could opt for pops of colour in different rooms in your house. If you choose to use different colours, you should also keep in mind the finish you will use in each space.


The kitchen, for many people, is the heart and soul of a home. Whatever colours you pick must complement the appliances and make the room feel spacious and inviting.

Green and blue shades, black, white and off-white colours will all work well in a kitchen. Your focus should be on getting all the design elements to work well together. The countertops, backsplash, appliances, cabinets and colour you choose should all contribute to the look.

Living room

Living rooms are best kept in neutral or earthy tones because they appeal to most people. They are also easy to paint over, so buyers can easily change them without much difficulty.

Light grey, a soft blue, or off-white colours are the most practical choices for living rooms.


As a general note, you should go for light tints in your bathroom. They will make them feel spacious, airy and inviting. Pale blues and off-white will work perfectly in most bathrooms. They are close to neutral, but they bring colour and are not too dull.

Bold and dark colours like Obsidian blues and black will also work well, but only if you get the contrasts right. Gold and brass accents, white marble, and quartz vanities will elevate the look. Your tiling, finishings and accents will have to work together to complete the look.


Bedrooms are the sanctuary all buyers will retreat to at the end of the day, so you must get them right. Dark tones and shades will help you set a relaxing tone in the bedroom for potential buyers.

Light grey painted bedroom for selling house

Gentleman grey, chalky blues and earthy tones will be perfect for inspiring relaxation in the bedroom. Vibrant colours could work in the bedroom, but you should shy away from them or have a colour consultant help you pick the best colours.

Painting your house to get it sold

The key to painting your home to get it sold is to appeal to as many buyers as possible. Neutral tones can achieve that goal quite easily. However, that should not stop you from exploring different colours.

An interior designer or colour consultant can help you pick a vibrant colour scheme that complements your home perfectly and appeals to buyers.

Another factor you should be mindful of is the quality of your paint job. Buyers do not like seeing imperfections they will have to fix. So, if you are painting to get your house sold, a professional-looking paint job should be a must.

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