How to choose the right paint colour for your home interior

How to choose the right paint colour for your home interior

The easiest way to make your home or any space in it unique to you is with a splash of colour. You can show your unique personality and sense of style simply through the paint colours you choose.

Picking the right colours isn’t all that easy, so that’s we’ve put together some great tips to help you choose the right paint colours for your interior walls.

1. Get inspired

The first step to picking the right colour is finding inspiration for the space you want to create.

Pinterest, Instagram and home decor magazines are all great places to find ideas. You can even find ideas simply by stepping outside to draw inspiration from the area you live in and the nature around you. Get into as much inspiration as you can so you capture the exact feel you want to create.

2. Create a design

Once you know what you’d like your room to look like, the next step is to bring all your ideas together into a design concept.

Having a design in mind is vital because you’ll always have a much easier time finding the right shade of colour you want to match your furniture than finding furniture that works well with a colour you’ve put on the wall.

3. Bring out the colour wheel

You can finally start to work with colours once you have a design concept. It will be a whole lot easier because all you’ll have to do is find the right shades and sheens of colours to complement your design.

Colour wheel with a paintbrush

A colour wheel is a great place to start for seeing all the options you have. Most paint retailers will have colour wheels for sale or in-store to help you when buying paint. You can also test out colours online using Canva or the Sherwin Williams and Behr colour visualizers.

It might feel a little overwhelming, but having a design and favourite colours in mind will make things simpler. Below are some helpful tips on finishes you can choose for your home.

  • Matte - Matte finishes have no shine at all, which makes them perfect for living rooms, bedrooms, and low traffic areas in your home. You could also use a matte finish on your ceilings.
  • Eggshell - An eggshell finish has very little shine, which will make your rooms feel open without being too bright and sparkly. Walls with an eggshell finish are also slightly easier to clean than walls with a matte finish.
  • Satin - For high traffic areas or spaces where you expect moisture, a satin finish is the best option. It has a bit more shine than an eggshell finish, but it’s also much easier to clean and is perfect for use in kitchens or bathrooms.
  • Gloss - Gloss finishes can be shiny depending on whether you choose a semi or high gloss finish. Gloss finishes are perfect for railings, cabinetry or furniture, but we wouldn’t recommend using them for your walls.

Getting a colour consultant to help you through this part of the process might be the best for you. Having an experienced painter help you understand how colours work in rooms and with furniture will simplify the entire process much.

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4. Test the colours

Once you’ve selected your colours and the finishes you want, you should test the colours in your home to see how they will work. Most paint retailers will have paint samples at low prices for you to try.

Get a few paint samples of the colours you want and paint the walls with them. Leave them to dry and observe how they look in different lighting and throughout the day. Most paint colours will look slightly different depending on whether it’s cloudy or sunny outside, so don’t be afraid to test the colours over a couple of days.

You can also use the Dulux colour visualizer app to see what your rooms will look like once painted. You can use the desktop version or download the app for your iOS and Android devices.

5. Get to painting

Once you’re happy with your test results, the last thing to do is to get to painting your home. Whether you choose to DIY or have a professional to help you, painting your home is a great experience, and it’s even better when you get it right.

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Picking the right colour for your home doesn’t have to fill you with dread about living with a colour you don’t like. If you follow the steps above, you’ll undoubtedly make the right decision and if you still need a little help, asking for a professional’s hand is always a good idea.

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